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Dec 01, 2022
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Mother Of Saman Seydi, Iranian Kurdish Rapper Sentenced To Death By Regime For Participation In Protests, Pleads For Help To Prevent His Execution: I Ask The People, Human Rights Organizations To Help My Son

#9981 | 01:03
Source: Online Platforms - "Various Iranian online sources"

Mother of Saman Seydi, an Iranian Kurdish rapper who was sentenced to death by Iranian regime for waging a "war on God," pleads for help to prevent the execution of her son in a video posted on various Iranian online sources on December 8, 2022. She said that her son was denied a lawyer and that he was an artist, not an anarchist, and she appealed to human rights organizations, "People, I am a mother with an aching heart." She asked where in the world a person is executed for burning a garbage can.

Mother of Saman Seydi: "Hello, people. I am the mother of Saman Seydi, also known as Yasin. My son was sentences to death. For God's sake, support him.


"My son was denied seeing a lawyer. I ask the people, the human rights [organizations], everybody, to help my son. Help me.


"Where in the world have you seen that over [burning] a garbage can, they can take away the life of a dear person? My son is an artist, he is not an anarchist.


"People, I am a mother with an aching heart. For God's sake, help me, so that my son is not hanged, not executed.


"People, this is a cry [for help]. For God's sake, help me. I am not eloquent and my cry reached nowhere. I am a bereaved mother. Help me, people."

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