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Apr 16, 2022
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Mother Of 'Martyred' Palestinian Islamic Jihad Terrorist Muhammad Jahjouh: I Will Be Happy If All My Children And Grandchildren Are Martyred For The Sake Of Allah

#9509 | 00:52
Source: Al-Quds Al-Youm TV (Palestine - Islamic Jihad)

The mother of a "martyred" Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist named Muhammad Jahjouh said in an April 16, 2022 interview on Al-Quds Al-Youm TV (Islamic Jihad – Gaza) that she always prays for her entire family, including her grandchildren, to be martyred for the sake of Allah. She said that this would make her happy, that she is proud of her "martyred" son, and that she loves this "path." According do an online PIJ report, Jahjouh was killed in January 2009 after killing "two Israeli soldiers."

Mother of Muhammad Jahjouh: "[I told my eldest son:] I always pray that I, your father, brothers, daughters, and sons... That all of you become martyrs for the sake of Allah, that when death comes for us, we will all be martyrs for the sake of Allah.

"I am proud of Muhammad, obviously. Allah be praised, all my sons are religious. They are all good. By Allah, if all my children and grandchildren are martyred for the sake of Allah, it will make me happy.

"Allah be praised, I love this path. I feel that this is the road for salvation."

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