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Mar 07, 2023
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Mother Of Imprisoned Terrorist Wael Jaghoub To Palestinian Authority TV: The Gun Is The Only Thing That Will Restore Our Land And Free The Prisoners; For Every Man Who Is Martyred, There Is Another To Take His Place

#10167 | 00:51
Source: Palestinian Authority TV

On March 7, 2023, Palestine TV aired a brief interview with the mother of Wael Jaghoub, a Palestinian terrorist imprisoned in Israel. She said that every Palestinian stands with the "resistance" to the end and that for every man who is "martyred", there is another to take his place. She also said that the gun is the only thing that will restore the Palestinians' land and free the prisoners.

Mother of Wael Jaghoub: "We stand by the prisoners and the resistance to the end. The issue of the prisoners will only be resolved through resistance. We stand with the resistance and with the gun. May Allah have mercy on our martyrs.

"We are always with the resistance. Every Palestinian, every lion cub in Palestine – all of us, we are with the resistance to the end. For every man who is martyred, there is another one to take his place. We are always with the gun, because that is the only thing that will restore out land to us, and free the prisoners."  


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