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Jun 07, 2024
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Mostafa Mirlohi, Tehran University Board Of Trustees Member: Mecca And The Kaaba Are Controlled By The Enemies Of Islam – They Should Be In The Hands Of The Shi'ites

#11189 | 01:00
Source: IRINN TV (Iran)

Mostafa Mirlohi, a member of the board of trustees of Tehran University said that Mecca and the Kaaba are controlled by the "enemies of Islam" and that they should be in the hands of the Shiites. His address, which preceded the Tehran University Friday sermon was aired on IRINN TV (Iran) on Friday 14, 2024. Mirlohi continued to complain about the lack of upkeep of the Kaaba and other holy monuments in Mecca. He said that the Zionists control the security of the monuments and that the fate of the Islamic nation is held by "oppressors and thugs."

Mostafa Mirlohi: "See for yourselves. Why is Mecca not beautiful? Why is the Kaaba not beautiful? Why isn't it covered with a nice cloth? Why is there no water in the Zamzam well? Mecca is meant to be [the symbol] of Islam's greatness and glory, so why does it not make even the smallest step about Gaza and Palestine, and for the sake of Islam? The reason is that it is controlled by the enemies of Isam. The key should be at the hands of the [Shi'ite] Ahl Al-Bayt.


"How come the world does not fear our three million [Hajj pilgrims]? Because they know the keys are held by one of their own. The security of Mount Arafat, the Sacred Monument, and Mina is in the hands of a group of Zionists, not in the hands of Islam.


"The fate of the Islamic nation is held by the oppressors and thugs, and you can all see who holds the fate of 51 Islamic countries."

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