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Dec 15, 2022
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Moscow-Based Palestinian Urologist Dr. Asaad Ahmad Matar Defends Russia's Anti-Gay Propaganda Law: Homosexuality Is A Mental Illness

#10032 | 03:01
Source: Russia Today TV (Russia)

Moscow-based Palestinian urologist Dr. Asaad Ahmad Matar said in a December 15, 2022 show on Russia Today TV that Russia's recently-amended bill against "gay propaganda" is meant to protect Russian society. He said that until recent years, homosexuality had been criminalized and treated as a mental illness all over the world, and he questioned why it is that kindergartens and Hollywood films teach children that there is a "third gender."

Asaad Ahmad Matar: "The Russian [gay propaganda] law was passed in order to protect Russian society from this phenomenon [of homosexuality] that is alien to human nature. All the monotheistic religions have opposed this phenomenon. Ever since the Lord created Adam and Eve, this phenomenon has emerged among the nations, but it was always rejected. It was never considered natural. The laws that were passed in Moscow against this phenomenon were passed only in order to protect the Russian society.


"A short time ago – only 300 years ago – homosexuality was punished by death. In the early 20th century, homosexuals would be sentenced to life in prison. They would be isolated from society because homosexuality was believed to be an abnormal condition, which must be isolated from society. Unfortunately, however, at the end of the 20th century, [homosexuals] in Europe would only be sentenced to 2-3 years in prison. Then, at the beginning of the 23rd century [sic] – with all the propaganda that we are seeing now – [homosexuality] has become a matter of personal liberty. How did the public opinion in most European countries change? To be honest, to this very day I have not found an answer to this question.


"How can you inculcate in kindergartens, how can you instill in your cartoons and your films – the Hollywood films that are being shown every day – the idea that there is a third gender? What is the third gender? There is no such thing. There are males, there are females, and there is a mental illness –  a male turning towards femininity or a female towards masculinity."

Interviewer: "It is a mental illness, not a physiological one, right?"   

Matar: "I am convinced that to this very day, modern medicine has not proven that homosexuality is a generic, chromosomal, or physiological illness. It is a mental illness. When I was in medical school, we learned that homosexuality is a mental illness, and that it should be treated as such."

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