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Feb 06, 2016
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Moroccan Oncologists Blast Camel-Urine Cancer Treatment Project: Urine Is Urine

#5332 | 03:46

Following a Moroccan TV report on the use of camel urine as a cure for cancer, Moroccan oncologist Dr. Tashjin Said rejected the claims, saying that "camel urine is urine" and not meant for human consumption. A camel farmer interviewed in the report, which aired on February 6, recommended drinking up to a liter of camel urine to fight cancer and other abdominal diseases. Dr. Said Bencheqroun, Head of the Society for Support of Children with Cancer, also rejected the claims as "illogical and unacceptable."

Following are excerpts:

Voice of reporter: On the road to Ain El Aouda in the Rabat area, you encounter these camels. There are about 40 male and female camels here. It's normal to find camels in this agricultural area. What is not so normal is the reason they are here. They are here for a purely medicinal purpose. The she-camel urine, says the owner, replaces drugs that treat cancer, and it eliminates many other diseases. When we came, we saw Said preparing a 10-liter jar for a sick man who came from Tangier. Said talked to us about his recipe and how he prepares it.


Camel farmer Said Al-Shuqri : This urine is based on a hadith by the Prophet Muhammad. It is used to treat diseases, like types of cancer and abdominal pain. It has beneficial properties, Allah be praised. Many people say that they were cured by this.

Interviewer: How much urine do you have to drink?

Said Al-Shuqri: Some people take one liter, while other take a quarter or half a liter. The next morning, one should drink two or three spoonfuls of warmed camel urine.

Interviewer: Yes, He should drink it warmed up, then wait a little, and drink milk. That's how you use it.

Voice of reporter: The people we met here told us about the benefits of she-camel milk and urine, which help them recover from many diseases.

Camel farmer: There were people with cancer, and the cancer stopped. The cancer cells stopped spreading. There were even people in the early stages of the disease who were cured.


Voice of reporter: The claim that she-camel urine is an effective treatment for cancel and many other diseases raises a lot of questions. What is the basis of this medical project? On what research is it based? What does conventional medicine have to say about this magic potion, at a time when fortunes are spent on medical research, and scientists spend their entire lives in the world's largest laboratories, in the quest for an effective medicine.


Anchor in the studio: Is there any truth behind these hypotheses?

Dr. Said Bencheqroun, head of the Society for Support of Children with Cancer: This is absolutely unacceptable. This is doing wrong by all the patients, because there is a very high percentage of cure from cancer.


Today, in breast cancer, leukemia, and other types of cancer, there is a 70-95% survival rate. Hearing such things is illogical and unacceptable.


Febrayer.com, February 11, 2016

Moroccan oncologist Dr. Tashfin Said: Camel urine is urine. No more and no less. A human being is not meant to drink urine. These are logical axioms. You cannot tell a person to drink urine. In she-camel urine, there is water and other things… 99% of the substances there are harmful to the patient, but if there is something beneficial in it, we should isolate it, analyze it, and then we can provide it as medicine. But it can't be that one drinks a liter and another a spoonful. This is quackery, not treatment.