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Mar 14, 2019
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"Moroccan Infidel" Presents "The Myths of Religions" Song: We Are All Born Free and Then Become Like Sheep

#7229 | 04:24
Source: The Internet - ""Moroccan Infidel" on YouTube"

Hicham Nostik, who goes by the Internet identity of "Moroccan infidel," posted a song titled “The Myths of Religions” on his YouTube channel on March 14. The song, sung by Suraqa, castigates all religions as “worthless obsolete ideas” and “miracles and fables.” “We are all born free, and then we become like sheep,” goes the song, ending with the question: “When will we say ‘no’ to the myths of the religions?” The German-based Nostik, a former radical Islamist, recounted his transformation in a 2018 interview with Hamed Abdel-Samad. For excerpts from the interview, see MEMRI TV clip 6742.


Lyrics: The myths of religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, the Torah, the New Testament, and the Quran; worthless, obsolete ideas. Miracles and fables about “once upon a time.” The myths of religions. The Jews have been through the wheels of time. They saw the pharaohs as enemies. The Creator of the Universe chose them and devised a special plan for them. The sky rained locusts, lice, and frogs down upon the pharaohs, while upon God’s beloved it rained sweet honey. By the will of the All-Powerful, the staff turned into a snake, and the sea was parted into two. The Creator of the Universe talks directly to the people. The myths of religions. The Christian came and said to the Jew: We are friends. I believe in all your myths. But then, the Creator came down to the world, and started walking about the streets, like any human being. He resurrected people who had been long dead and walked safely on water. He came to die on our behalf, and the romans crucified him, but he rose from his grave and defeated Satan. If you believe, you shall live in the Kingdom of the Cross, but if not, fire and brimstone await you. The myths of the religions. The myths of the religions. Along came the Muslim 600 years later. When he came, it became crowded. He told them that the Jews are doomed and the Christians are lost. If you want the Truth, you will find it in the Quran. It is a book written in rhymed prose and in Arabic by the priests. It collected the myths of the Jews, the Christians, and the ancient ones. A guy who traveled in all countries. He walked by foot to where the sun rises and to where it sets. Gog and Magog… Don’t ask me, I’m confused. The people of the cave with a dog in the dark, and a winged donkey that flies in the sky like a bird… The moon was split in two. When you die, you will get wine, avocado, and bananas, springs, palm trees, and women. The myths of the religions. Everywhere, your religion is the same as that of your parents. We are all born free, and then we become like sheep. We are all born as one nation, and then turn into nations. Your mind was pure, but now it is a minefield. Moral values have been divided into reprehensible, commendable, halal, or haram. The believers are happy to kill, in order to get closer to the Lord. When will human beings be human beings again? When will we say “no” to the myths of the religions?

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