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Nov 22, 2014
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Montreal Friday Sermon by Sheikh Wael Al-Ghitawi: Jews Are Khazar, Slayers of the Prophets, and Have No Historical Right to Palestine (Archival)

#5901 | 04:53
Source: The Internet - "Alrahma Qanat on YouTube"

In Friday sermons delivered in Montreal, Canada, Sheikh Wael Al-Ghitawi said that the Jews were "people who slayed the prophets, shed their blood, and cursed the Lord." "Jerusalem is Arab and Islamic," Sheikh Al-Ghitawi said, adding that "the Jews do not have any historical right to Palestine." He claimed that contemporary Jews are "Tatars, Turkish Mongols, who lived in a land called Khazaria." The sermons were delivered at the Al-Andalous Islamic Center in Montreal, and were posted on the Alrahma Qanat channel on YouTube in November, 2014.


Wael Al-Ghitawi: "The Jews – or, if you will, 'the Israelites' – are a people whom Allah elevated over Mankind, as written in His book.




"But when they were given preference over Mankind, it was not meant to last forever, until Judgment Day. They were given preference over the pagans of their own times, for the Israelites were monotheists. Until when did this preference last? Until God sent Issa [Jesus], son of Maryam.




"When Issa was sent to them, they rejected him. They conspired against him, and tried to kill him. That was when Allah annulled their preference, and He cursed and banished them.




"There is another question: Who followed the path of Abraham? Them?! People who slayed the prophets, shed their blood, and cursed the Lord?! Or the monotheistic [Muslims], the worshippers of Allah over the centuries and to this very day? Undoubtedly, it is the monotheists.




"The [Jews] were disrespectful towards the prophets. They cursed them, maligned them, tortured them, lashed them, banished them from their homes, and even killed them. They killed the prophet Yahya, cutting him in two. They killed other prophets as well.




"Jerusalem is Arab and Islamic. It is our land, the land of our fathers and forefathers. We are the people most entitled to it. We will not forsake a single inch of this land.




"You should know, oh servants of Allah, that the Jews of today are not the Jews mentioned by the Lord.




"They are descendants of the people who rebelled against Allah, and whom Allah punished, dispersing them, and making them wander in the land.




"So where are contemporary [Jews] from? The truth is that they are Tartars, Turkish Mongols, who lived in a land called Khazaria.




"If you examine the annals of history, you will see that the Jews do not have any historical right to Palestine.




"We say to the Jews today: In order for a people to be able to claim historical rights to a certain region, it must possess rights in terms of land and lineage. It takes thousands of years of continuous presence for a lineage to be formed. We ask: What Jewish lineage existed, and still exists, in Palestine? The [Jews] in Palestine today – to what lineage do they belong? Do they belong to the race of the African Falash Mura? To the Soviet Caucasian race? To the American Ashkenazi race? Or to the European Ashkenazi race? Where did they come from? There should be a certain lineage. So the [Jews] who are there now – from where did they gather? To what lineage do they belong?


"History shows that for long periods of time, there was not a single Jew in Jerusalem and Palestine. What race maintained contact with this land? What right does the Ethiopian, the Russian, or the Chinese have? Who gave the Ethiopian Jews the right to come and claim rights to this land? How can a Chinese Jew claim to have a right to this land? Or a Russian, or anyone? What right do they have? None whatsoever."

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