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Oct 28, 2022
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Molavi Abdul Ghaffar Naqshbandi, Sunni Leader In Iran's Baluchestan: We Will Not Rest Until We Avenge The Blood Of Our Children, The Victims Of The Zahedan Massacre

#10132 | 03:14
Source: Online Platforms - "Molvavi Naqshbandi on YouTube"

Molavi Abdul Ghaffar Naqshbandi, a Sunni leader in Iran's Baluchestan, pledged to avenge the victims of the Zahedan massacre in an October 28, 2022 speech posted on YouTube. Naqshbandi referred to the violent crackdown against protesters in Baluchestan, in which dozens of Baluchis were killed by the Iranian authorities. He said that the people of Baluchestan await the orders of Maulana Abdolhamid, Molavi Abdolhamid Ismaeelzahi, the spiritual leader of Iran's Sunnis. Naqshabandi added: "I swear to God, we will not rest until we avenge the blood of our children." He warned the Sunni leaders of Baluchestan against meeting with authorities or participating in any government conferences, marches or elections until the blood of the victims is avenged, otherwise they would be considered traitors to the youth of Zahedan.

Molavi Abdul Ghaffar Naqshbandi: "We [people of Baluchestan] have come to tell you [Maulana Abdolhamid], that we await your orders, we are waiting for your orders, our sheikh.


"We are not here only to pay our condolences [to the families of the Zahedan massacre], we are here to tell the bereaved, heartbroken sisters and mothers, to the bereaved tired fathers that we share your pain, and your loss is like our loss.


"I swear to God, we will not rest until we avenge the blood of our children.


"Dear [Iranian] officials, know that even if Baluchestan is calm today, it is not indifferent. Baluchestan is the fire underneath the ashes. It is only calm because of the blessing of Sheikh Al-Islam.


"So long as the pure blood of the martyrs of Zahedan is not avenged, so long as this system of injustice and discrimination is not removed, so long a the oppression of our mosques and schools is not removed, so long as our educated people are excluded from running their country, we, the people of the Makran [in Baluchestan] refuse to participate in any government meetings, conferences, marches, or elections, and earnestly refuse any kind of interactions [with the regime].


"We request from all the religious and Sunni leaders of Baluchestan to specify their path and declare where their loyalties stand. They have to declare whether they are for or against the people of Zahedan. Whoever participates in any such meetings before our blood is avenged, will be considered a traitor to the youth of Zahedan."

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