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Nov 09, 2020
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Muhammad Mohi, Spokesman Of Iraqi Hizbullah Brigades: Trump's Presidency Was A Dark Era, New Administration Has A Chance To Fix What He Has Ruined

#8438 | 00:48
Source: The Internet - "Feras Kilani on Twitter"

Muhammad Mohi, the spokesman of the Iraqi Hizbullah Brigades, said that the Trump administration has been a dark era, and that the new administration would have an opportunity to fix what President Trump has ruined and repair U.S. relations with the world. In a video that was uploaded to the Twitter account of Feras Kilani, a correspondent for BBC Arabic, on November 8, 2020, Mohi added that the Iraqi demand for U.S. forces' withdrawal from Iraq is still pending. It should be noted that the State Department designated Hizbullah Brigades' leader, Ahmad al-Hamidawi, as a terrorist in February 2020.

Muhammad Mohi: "President Trump's term in office has been a dark era, and I believe that the new administration has an opportunity today to fix what Trump has ruined, and to repair the United States' relations with the world, as well as to reorganize its status, especially in Iraq, because the demand of the Iraqi people that the U.S. forces – whose presence in Iraq is illegal – be pulled out is still pending."

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