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Jul 19, 2020
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Mohamed Naser Ali, TV Host On Turkey-Based Muslim Brotherhood Channel, Warns: Libya Would Be Like Vietnam For The Egyptian Army; El-Sisi Should Focus On The Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

#8156 | 01:58
Source: Mekameleen TV (Egypt Muslim Brotherhood from Turkey)

Egyptian TV host Mohamed Naser Ali said in a July 19, 2020 monologue on Mekameleen TV, an Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood channel, based in Turkey, that it would only serve Israel’s interests if Egypt invades Libya and if there is a clash between the Egyptian and Turkish armies. He said that Egypt would get stuck in a "quagmire" much like he said the U.S. had gotten stuck in Vietnam, Cambodia, Afghanistan, and Iraq. He argued that Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi should instead focus his efforts on the issue of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

Mohamed Naser Ali: "Only Israel has an interest in causing a clash between the armies of Egypt and Turkey. I said that America had been sucked into a quagmire in Cambodia, in Afghanistan, and in Iraq, even though it has the largest military in the world. I said that no country that has ever crossed the border into the territory of another country has ever managed to avoid being sucked in a quagmire there. I said that nobody knows how many years this war would last. When two large armies clash – like the Egyptian and the Turkish armies – it only serves Israel's interest. Therefore, my patriotic and loyal message is similar to what I have been saying for years about the Renaissance Dam: It is in Egypt's interest to coordinate with the legitimate government in Libya, with whom El-Sisi himself met several times in Cairo a few months ago. It is in Egypt's interest to focus on the threat to its drinking water. It is in Egypt's interest to protect its army and its sons who are enlisted in it. They should fight real battles rather than battles we have nothing to do with. It is in Egypt's interest to learn from history and to avoid repeating the dangerous adventures of the failing generals who have gotten us involved in failing wars. It is in Egypt's interest to examine what happened to foreign armies in other countries. It should learn the lesson from the American experience in Cambodia, in Vietnam, and in Iraq."

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