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Jul 30, 2008
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Military Training of Palestinian Factions in Gaza

#1828 | 02:15
Source: Al-Manar TV (Lebanon)

Following is an excerpt of an Al-Manar TV report on Palestinian militants training in Gaza, which aired on July 30, 2008:

Reporter: Within moments, the military camps in Gaza become a battle scene, missiles, the whistling of bullets, and men preparing for the day that their enemy will shed the blood of the tahdiya on the altar of its confidence. Since the goal is to fight the Israeli enemy, the Palestinian resistance had to rise to the occasion. While Hamas is busy with field training, the Salah Al-Din Brigades prepare for the battle that has continued for 60 years, but in their own special way.

Masked militant: With our modest means, we are manufacturing these missiles, so that we can crush the Zionist aggression, which plunders this land, and destroys, wounds, and kills on a daily basis. We will continue our work, despite the tahdiya and these harsh conditions.

Masked missile engineer: Allah be praised, we have succeeded in developing the "Nasser 4" missile, which has a range of 25-27 kilometers. This is all thanks to Allah, and thanks to the Salah Al-Din Brigades' engineering and manufacturing unit.

Reporter: "Prepare for them whatever you can" – this is the motto shared by the Palestinian factions, which despite their different names, have a common goal – resistance against the occupation until complete liberation.

Another masked missile engineer: We address our message to all the people of the Zionist entity. They should leave not only Sderot, but all of Palestine, because our missiles, martyrdom-seekers, explosive devices, and our mujahideen are coming, Allah willing, until every inch of the blessed land of Palestine is liberated.

Reporter: Between training and the manufacturing of missiles, their eyes remain fixed on Palestine – a free Arab country, without any restrictions.

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