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Jan 16, 2014
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Military Performances, Glorification of Suicide Bombings at Graduation Ceremony of Hamas Youth Camps

#4119 | 08:11
Source: Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas/Gaza)

Following are excerpts from a graduation ceremony for a Hamas youth camp in Gaza, which aired on Al-Aqsa TV [Gaza] on January 16, 2014:

Announcer: Every Arab and every Muslim is filled with pride when he sees these young men preparing themselves for the day they will rock the fortifications of the enemy. Be proud! These words, which we memorize well, are uttered by the martyr, who ascends to Allah. We are the vanguard to be joined by Arab and Islamic armies – from Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey, and Egypt, and from every country that turns towards Jerusalem to liberate it. This land will welcome Arab armies only as liberators.


Voice of Course Graduate: Our message to the Zionist enemy, everywhere and at any time, is this: You shall never enjoy a pleasant life on our beloved homeland. We, the sons of the “Futuwwa” youth camps, will confront you on every hill, in every valley, and on every road. Nothing awaits you here but to be killed. Nothing awaits you here but to be killed or to leave.


Hamas Education Minister Osama Al-Mazini: Today, 13,000 youth are graduating from the “Futuwwa” camps. Oh “Futuwwa” youth, remain steadfast on the path. Continue the work you began in the camps. Memorize what you have learned, and implement it in the battlefield when you meet the enemy.


Camp graduate shows how to hold a rocket-propelled grenade.


Hamas Interior Minister Fathi Hammad: These young men, assembled in formation here, in Yarmouk Stadium, continue on the path of the previous generations. This generation, Allah willing, will vanquish Israel. It was the Levant and Palestine that destroyed all those who invaded this Arab and Islamic land. The Battle of Yarmouk shattered the Byzantines, the Battle of Ain Jalut shattered the Mongols, and the Battle of Hattin shattered the Crusaders. Now you, members of the next generation, brought up on da’wa, educated by the Al-Qassam Brigades, and by the factions of Jihad – get ready for a second Battle of Hattin.


Let me congratulate you on your future victory, and on the annihilation of Israel. As I said yesterday, they have only eight years left. Just eight years, dear brothers! Therefore, sons and brothers, you do not have much time to train. Study, conduct training, become experts and be inventive, with the help of Allah. The battle will be your battle. The Jihad will be your Jihad. Palestine is your land, Islam is your religion, and Allah is your God. The Messenger is your role model, and the Koran is your constitution. You have been planted by Allah, and therefore, you will harvest the enemies of Allah in the battle to come.


We pray for Allah to choose martyrs and leaders from among you – and not only in Palestine, but throughout planet Earth, so that the call for Jihad will be spread all over the world, and the entire world will embrace the religion of Allah.


Announcer: Our banner…

Camp graduates: …is Islam!

Announcer: Our role model…

Camp graduates: …is the Messenger of Allah!

Announcer: Our constitution…

Camp graduates: …is the Koran!

Announcer: Our path… Raise your voices so that the enemies of Allah hear you… Our path…

Camp graduates: Our utmost desire…

Announcer: Our utmost desire…

Camp graduates: …is death for the sake of Allah!


Announcer: See how they do not bat an eye, even at the sound of these explosions. This way they prepare themselves for battle, where the fire will be intense and the smoke dense, in the confrontation with the enemy. This will be a ground war in which we will story the enemy’s fortifications, until we reach the heart of the enemy in our occupied land. That day is approaching, with the help of Allah.


Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniya: The best way for us to celebrate the Prophet’s birthday is to walk in his footsteps and provide the future generations a Jihadi education. We shall walk in his footsteps in educating the future generation to love death for the sake of Allah as much as our enemies love life. This is the generation that will be qualified for liberation, victory, return, and independence. Woe betide you, oh sons of Zion, for weakness knows no entry route to the hearts of this generation. This is the generation of stone, the generation of the missile, the generation of tunnels, and the generation of martyrdom operations.

Today, we celebrate the graduation of these thousands, on the anniversary of the martyrdom of martyrdom-seeker Reem Al-Riyashi. This woman left her home, abandoning all that is typical of a woman’s life, in order to fight this occupier and to wage Jihad for the sake of Allah. From this podium, I call upon my brothers, I call upon the education minister, the minister of the interior, the Al-Qassam Brigades, and the national security agencies to open courses in the “Futuwwa” camps for girls too. Indeed, (we will train) boys and girls, young men and women, on the path for freedom, the return to Palestine, and independence.


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