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Jun 03, 2022
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Michigan Islamic Scholar Usama Abdulghani: Khomeini Trained The Youth To Be 'Giant Killers,' Like Soleimani, Nasrallah, Al-Muhandis; Islam Is Supreme

#9616 | 01:56
Source: Online Platforms - "Light of Guidance YouTube channel"

Usama Abdulghani, an Iran-educated Shi'ite Islamic scholar based in Dearborn, Michigan, said in a lecture delivered at the Hadi Institute Youth Community Center in commemoration of Ayatollah Khomeini that Muslims should have the goal of establishing Islam's supremacy, and not just having a "seat at the table" or stopping Islamophobia. He elaborated that Islam is inherently supreme, and he said that Khomeini had "changed history" by getting Muslims to embrace Islamic principles. He explained that Khomeini had taught that the biggest victory is "training the youth," and that Khomeini's students including IRGC Qods Force Commander Qasem Soleimani, Iraqi PMU Deputy Secretary General Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis, and Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah were all trained to be "giant killers". In addition, he said that Muslims should preserve Khomeini's legacy by building "resistance communities" wherever they are. For more about Usama Abdulghani, see MEMRI TV Clip No. 9602.


Usama Abdulghani: "Islam teaches us that Islam is supreme. The supremacy of Islam, not that we want a seat at the table, not that our whole hope is to stop Islamophobia so that we can just be treated like human beings, no, Islam is supreme.




"Some of you are younger, you don't remember the days before Imam Khomeini. What did Imam Khomeini do? How did he change history? What were we like before? Why are we so close to the victory once we went back and embraced our Islamic principles?




"What Imam Khomeini said was that the true victory is training the youth. The victory of all victories is training the youth. Human pillars. Individuals like Shahid Qassem Soleimani, Shahid Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis — these people were the true miracle of Imam Khomeini. You've seen what they did, and so many others.




"With Imam Khomeini, his effect has been global. The students of Imam Khomeini — one of them Hassan Nasrallah, one of them — trained people to become giant killers.




"The legacy of Imam Khomeini, brothers and sisters, was that we, his sons and daughters, we should — wherever we are — build resistance communities."

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