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May 25, 2024
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Michigan Imam Abdou Al-Wali Zindani: Benjamin Franklin Warned Americans Against Immigration Of Zionist Jews; They Are Real Poison And Cancer, Killed The Prophets; The US, UK, Western Countries Should Stand Trial At ICC For Complicity With Israel

#11138 | 03:09
Source: Online Platforms - "True Religion on YouTube"

Michigan Imam Abdou Al-Wali Zindani of the Tawbeh Mosque in Warren posted a May 25, 2024 video on his YouTube channel True Religion in which he said that the Zionists are a real poison and cancer and that they killed the prophets. He quoted the infamous myth that Benjamin Franklin had warned the Americans against allowing "Zionist Jews" to live in the country. Zindani said that America and Britain had brought the Zionists to the Arab countries, because they "know how evil these people are." He further claimed that America, Britian, and the Western countries are Israel's accomplices, because they provided them with weapons and funds, and therefore they should also stand trial in the International Criminal Court. Zindani criticized King Abdullah of Jordan for preventing his people from crossing the Jordan River and attacking Israel, as the Prophet Muhammad ordered them to do. He added that King Abdullah allows merchandise, water, medicine, food, and weapons, supplied by the UAE, to help the Zionists kill the Muslims.

In January, Imam Zindani said in a Friday sermon that the Muslims will slaughter the Jews like sheep. Abdou Zindani is imam at the Islamic Universal Services Association in Warren, Michigan. He presented at the November 2023 interfaith Thanksgiving service organized by the InterFaith Leadership Council of Metropolitan Detroit.

Abdou Al-Wali Zindani: "What worries the world today – and throughout history – are the Zionists and their helpers.


"The real poison and the cancer in the world are the Zionists.


"The Zionists are the ones who killed the prophets.


"Where was the State of Israel? It did not exist. Who brought them to the Arab countries? America and Britain. Why didn't they take them to their own [countries]? Because they know how evil these people are towards the environment in which they live. American President [sic] Benjamin Franklin said this when he came to power. He said: 'If America wants to be economically, politically, and morally healthy, it must not allow the Zionist Jews to live in it.'


"The U.S. brought them on ships from America and Britain, and it was as if they planted a soldier they can use whenever they want, in order to threaten the Middle East, target Palestine, and then Jordan, and so on and so forth.


"America, Britain, and the Western countries founded and funded [Israel], so they are accomplices to the killing of any Muslim, any Arab, and any human being – any journalist and any person in Palestine and elsewhere. They are accomplices because they provided them with weapons, money, and military [equipment], so they should also stand trial in the International Criminal Court.


"The ruler of Jordan knows that the Prophet Muhammad ordered the people of Jordan to cross the river from the east and attack the enemy. Yet he prevents them from doing so. Moreover, he provides merchandise, water, medicine, food, and weapons, which come from the UAE, and from there via Saudi Arabia and Jordan, and from Jordan, they go to Tel Aviv, to help the Zionists, and to kill the Muslims."

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