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Apr 04, 2024
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MEMRI President And Founder Yigal Carmon: The CCP's Expansionist Ideology Aims To Establish A Multipolar World To Counter The U.S.-Centered Unipolar World; The U.S. Must Understand That Economy Doesn't Change Ideology, It Must Directly Confront The CCP's Ideology

#11223 | 02:52
Source: Online Platforms - "NTD.com "

MEMRI President and Founder Yigal Carmon said in an interview with NTD.com that was published on April 4, 2024 that MEMRI's analyses of Chinese media reveal that the CCP is broadcasting a message of hegemony and has an expansionist ideology not only with regard to Taiwan, but also with regard to the South China Sea, Iran, and certain countries in Africa. He said that China's expansionist approach aims to create a "multipolar" world to counter the current unipolar world that is centered around the U.S. and its values. He also said that the U.S. and its foreign policy made the CCP what it is today, that the U.S. must understand that making a country rich doesn't result in it changing its ideology, and that America's first goal with regard to the CCP should be to counter its ideology directly, which it has not been doing.

Yigal Carmon: "What we are seeing is a message of hegemonic expansion. An expansionist ideology that goes not only to Taiwan, which of course closer to China, but also the South China Sea clashing with the Philippines. It stretches through countries in the world – all extremist countries all regimes that are of that kind – in Africa, Iran, to project a hegemonic approach and expansionist approach of a world that is to be multipolar. What is this multipolarity? It is to counter the American unipolar world with its values.


"The United States made China into what it is. In '71, before the entry of America into China with President Nixon and Kissinger, China was a country with very little capabilities, with very little hope for flourishing. It was a miracle that made it what it became. With huge investments, with giving it the credit of a country that has deserved support.


"America has to understand that economy doesn't change ideology.


"If you want to change a hostile ideology, you have to work on that, and not hope that by making them rich, their ideology will change. The Chinese Communist Party doesn't [change]. The more rich they are, the more their ideology affects their activity. So for America, the first goal should be to counter the Chinese ideology and America is not doing it."

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