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Mar 25, 2020
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Iranian Official Mehdi Taeb: The Jews Seek World Domination; Christians Fight Muslims Because They've Been Infiltrated By Jews; We Must Liberate, Purify Jerusalem

#8048 | 04:04
Source: The Internet - "kheybar.net "

Mehdi Taeb, the Head of Iran's Ammar Strategic Advisory Base, said in a video that was uploaded to kheybar.net on March 25, 2020 that Jerusalem is important to the Jews because they are using it to rebuild their identity. He elaborated that they have been excavating Jerusalem in search of Solomon's Temple because they want global domination like King Solomon had achieved. In addition, Taeb said that Christians fight against Muslims because the Jews have infiltrated their ranks, though they should really be fighting against the Jews since they had killed Jesus. He added: "The liberation and purification of Jerusalem constitute the destruction of the [Jews'] false identity and the liberation of the world."

Mehdi Taeb: "The Jews feel like they own Jerusalem, and like they have risen to power. Jerusalem is the center of their perception of power and identity, because they want to find the power of [King] Solomon. Even the martyr [Morteza] Motahari said: 'If you leave them to their own devices, they will say that every location belongs to them.' He was right. If you pay attention to the excavations, they are looking for the for the foundation that were laid down by Solomon, so that they can rebuild what they call Solomon's Temple. The fact that they mention Solomon's name is an indication of what they are looking for with regard for gaining power. God Almighty said: 'Solomon wanted from Me a kingdom that nobody had achieved.' In fact, during his time, Solomon achieved global domination. From this you can understand that they seek global domination. They want the entire world. From the Nile to the Euphrates, and from sea to sea, are their second steps. Their first step is to rebuild their identity by means of Jerusalem. If Jerusalem were to be taken from them, and if there were to become discouraged, then they would see the reconstruction of their identity as something important. As such, the reconstruction of the identity of the Jews, who want the entire world and who see others as their slaves [revolved around] Jerusalem. The destruction of the worst enemy, the Jews, and giving all nations - including Christians - peace of mind from these terrible enemies... Note that before the Prophet Muhammad, the Christians had been believers and as such, towards whom were the Jews 'worst in enmity' [as the Quran says]? Towards the [Christians]. This is still the case. Why? Because they see the Christians... They see their messiah as the antichrist."


"We say to the Christian world: You shouldn't have a problem with the Muslims, but rather with the Jews. If any cardinal or whatever says something bad to the Muslims, we can understand that he is a Jew in origin."


"We never killed your prophet [Jesus], but the Jews...  First, they say that your prophet was a liar. Second, they say that they are actually the ones who killed him. You [Christians] are fighting [Muslims], who accept your prophet, yet you befriend the people who killed him? Does that make any sense? No. So if the Christians had contact with the Jews and fought Muslims then the Jews had definitely infiltrated their ranks. This is the secret of Jerusalem's importance. Jerusalem is the center of the stubborn Jews' identity and their expansion of power. For us, the liberation and purification of Jerusalem constitutes the destruction of the [Jews'] false identity and the liberation of the world."

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