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Dec 10, 2018
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Egyptian Journalist Emad Albeheery on MB TV: President Al-Sisi's Mother Is Jewish

#6901 |
Source: Elsharq TV (Turkey-Based Egyptian MB)

During a show on the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood's Elsharq TV (based in Turkey), Egyptian journalist Emad Albeheery criticized journalist Khaled Salah for Tweeting a call to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah. He also criticized Egyptian poet Fatima Naoot for praising the Jews' toughness and cleverness in an article in Al-Masry Al-Youm. Albeheery said that that the Jews have caused catastrophes and conspired throughout history, and that this is why Hitler burned them during the Holocaust. In addition, he criticized Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi for allocating 1.3 billion Egyptian Pounds for the restoration of Jewish antiquities, saying: "What more do you need to realize that [Al-Sisi's] mother is Jewish? Do you need an angel to come down and tell you that he is a Jew?" He claimed the Al-Sisi's Jewish mother raised him as a Muslim and got him into the military academy, and suggested this is the ultimate reason that he is in power today. The show aired on December 10, 2018.

Following are excerpts:


Emad Albeheery: [Journalist] Khaled Salah called on Twitter to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah. He said that Hanukkah is the foundation of monotheism… He said that Hunukkah – excuse me for using such language – is what saved the idea of monotheism in the region. As if 'Amr ibn Al-'As, who conquered Egypt, had nothing to do with monotheism. As if the  message of our Prophet Muhammad had nothing to do with monotheism. It is Hanukkah that made us monotheists, thank God. Imagine that!

Ahmed Atwan: Two thousand years ago…

Emad Albeheery: Yes, Hanukkah, according to Khaled Salah. I'm sure that Khaled Salah has never opened a book to read the story about this Hanukkah. He heard it somewhere. The idea is to persuade you to celebrate the holidays of the Jews. [Egyptian poet] Fatima Naoot wrote an article in Al-Masry Al-Youm about the toughness and cleverness of the Jews. Imagine that! The Jews, who are known worldwide for [their evil charactersitics]… This was the reason Hitler burned them. Wherever they are to be found there are catastrophes. Did Hitler burn them because he was from ISIS? No, he realized that wherever those people are, catastrophes occur. These people have played dirty tricks and have conspired throughout history.




[Minister of Antiquities] Khaled Al-Enany said today that Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi allocated 1.3 billion [Egyptian Pounds] for the restoration of Jewish antiquities in Egypt. Now tell me honestly… There it is. It appeared in their own newspapers. [It says that] it is Al-Sisi who allocated the funds. It isn't just "purported" by our "terroristic" Elsharq TV. It is Al-Sisi who allocated the funds. Now tell me this: What more do you need to realize that his mother is Jewish? Do you need an angel to come down and tell you that he is a Jew with ties to the Jews?




Ahmed Atwan: Guys, all his actions are Jewish! Everything he does is for the Zionists!

Emad Albeheery: Do you disagree with what I've said?

Ahmed Atwan: No, I don't.

Emad Albeheery: Is his mother Jewish or not?

Ahmed Atwan: Let's assume that she is an Arab-Muslim who prays all day and all night… Does that mean that all his actions…

Emad Albeheery: The idea is that we have been infiltrated a long time ago. It's nothing new. His Jewish mother raised her son like a Muslim, and then got him into the military academy and into the Egyptian Army. He went to America and was the only one who didn't get on board the airplane that crashed into the ocean [in 1999]. He came back as the head of intelligence. Then he pulled a coup and took over Egypt.

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