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Sep 22, 2020
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Mauritanian Islamic Scholar Mohamed Ould Khattari: The Quran Teaches Us To Be Enemies Of the Jews; Normalization Is An Attempt To Do Away With The Disgust Muslims Feel Towards Jews

#8337 | 01:32
Source: The Internet - "bessayir.com"

Mauritanian Islamic scholar Mohamed Ould Khattari said in a lecture that was uploaded to bessayir.com on September 22, 2020 that the Quran has taught the Muslims that the Jews are the most evil of creatures and the sworn enemies of Islam. He explained that normalization with Israel is an attempt to break the barriers raised between Muslims and the Jews by the Quran, the "sensitivity" Muslims feel towards the Jews, and the feeling of disgust Muslims have when "told about a Jew." Khattari warned that normalization is the beginning of the end for those who are signing agreements with the Zionists and befriending the Jews.

Mohamed Ould Khattari: "The Quran has raised us to be the enemies of the Jews. It has revealed their characteristics to us. It has shown us that they are the most evil of creatures, the sworn enemies of this [Islamic] nation and message. Indeed, they are the enemies of all the [divine] messages. They are the ones who killed the prophets and the messengers. They are the ones who fought Islam at its inception, when they tried to kill the Prophet Muhammad. They are ungrateful and oppressive people. This is what Allah has shown us in the Quran.

"The normalization is an attempt to break these barriers, upon which we were raised. It tries to undo the sensitivity the Muslims feel toward the Jews. When a Muslim is told about a Jew, he feels disgusted, because it evokes a history of treachery, betrayal, and oppression.


"The people who turned towards the Zionists and signed agreements with them – this is the beginning of their end. If they have money, it will all be gone. If they enjoy stability, it will change into fear. Time will show who is right – us or them. It is the law of Allah that the Jews are ominous and bring bad luck. No one has ever befriended them without regretting it."

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