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Oct 19, 2022
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Mashup Of Songs Associated With Iranian, Cuban Protests: No More Lies, We Want Freedom!

#9878 | 03:17
Source: Online Platforms - "Azadi on YouTube"

On October 19, 2022, a video was posted to the Azadi channel on YouTube that is a mashup of "Patria y Vida [Homeland and Life]", performed by Cuban rappers, and "Baraye" ("for the sake of"), performed by Iranian singer Shervin Hajipour. "Patria y Vida" is a song that was associated with the 2021 anti-Communist Party protests in Cuba. The lyrics say: "It's over now... No more lies. My people call for freedom, no more doctrines. We no longer shout 'homeland or death', [we shout] homeland and life instead!" Several of the performers of "Patria y Vida" have been sentenced to prison for the song. "Baraye" is a song associated with the recent anti-hijab protests taking place in Iran. For more about "Baraye", see MEMRI TV Clip No. 9876. It is noteworthy that Shervin Hajipour has been arrested by Iranian authorities and forced to remove the song from his social media.

Shervin Hajipour: "For dancing in the streets. For the fear of kissing. For my sister, your sister, our sisters. For the change of rotten minds [these are 'Patria y Vida']."

Cuban rappers: "It's over now! You, '59; me, 2020. It's over now! Sixty years of dominoes have fallen into place, look. Its' over now! You, '59; me, 2020. It's over now! Sixty years of dominoes have fallen into place."

Hajipour: "For embarrassment, for poverty, for longing for a normal life, for the waste picker kid and his dreams, for the corrupted economics."

Cuban rappers: "No more lies! My people demand freedom! No more doctrines! No longer shall we cry 'Fatherland or death' but 'Fatherland and life!' And begin to build what we dreamed of, what they destroyed with their hands."

Hajipour: "For students, for future, for this forced heaven [it's over now]. For the imprisoned intellectuals, for immigrant Afghan kids [it's over now]. For all this and all that was not repeated."

Cuban rappers: "It's over now! You, '59; me, 2020. It's over now! Sixty years of dominoes have fallen into place."

Hajipour: "For all the meaningless slogans [it's over now]. For all the collapsed buildings, for the feeling of peace [it's over now]. For the sunrise after the long dark nights."

Cuban rappers: "No longer shall flow the blood, of those who dare to think differently. Who told you Cuba is yours? Indeed, Cuba is for all my people. It's over now! It has long been time to break the silence. It's over now! The laughter has stopped and the tears are flowing. It's over now! And we have no fear, the charade has ended. It's over now! We are the 62."

Hajipour: "For the stress and insomnia pills. For Man, Homeland, Development, for the girl who wished to be a boy. For Woman, Life, Freedom. For freedom. For freedom. For freedom."

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