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Sep 11, 2017
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Marking 16th Anniversary Of 9/11, Al-Qaeda Releases ‎Martyrdom Will Of 9/11 Hijacker

#6200 | 35:24
Source: The Internet

On September 11, 2017, Al-Qaeda's media wing Al-Sahab released a video featuring the martyrdom will and testament of Muhannad Al-Shihri (aka Abu Omar Al-Azdi), one of the 9/11 hijackers aboard United Airlines Flight 175, which was flown into the South Tower of the World Trade Center.
Prior to the video's release, Al-Sahab announced on its Telegram channel that it would be releasing a total of four productions marking the 9/11 anniversary.[1] Al-Shihri's video is the first release.  

Al-Shihri's message is dated the 24th of Muharram, 1422, according to the Hijri calendar, which corresponds with April 18, 2001. In it, Al-Shihri speaks extensively about the dire situation afflicting Muslims and Islam at the time, inter alia, describing Muslims as being in a state of slumber and indifferent toward the crimes committed against them and their religion by their enemies. Al-Shihri presents jihad as the way to liberate Muslims and to end their subjugation and humiliation.

Al-Sahab provided Arabic and English transcripts of the video. Below are excerpts from Al-Sahab's original English transcription of Al-Shihri's message:

"... You shall come to know the truth of my words when I water them with my blood and my body... so that you may live defiantly as believers...Yes, it is a time in which alienation has engulfed us, the ties of brotherhood have weakened, the rich have withheld their wealth from us, companions of the path have discouraged us, the scholars have knowingly remained silent about the truth, the youth have drunk from the cup of fear and humiliation, while others have forsaken the obligatory for the recommended, the tyrants have led this Ummah to the abyss, filth and immorality has become widespread and has deprived the hearts of sobriety and filled them with lowliness.

"I write to you these lines in the hope that sacrifice, selflessness and undaunted courage may lift the veil from the truth, tear apart the cloak of darkness and clarify the path of safety and deliverance... Allah will surely replace those who have chosen to sit back and refrain from the obligation of Jihad with others who will rise and act on the basis of the Islamic creed, be willing to pay the price of honor, and overcome the enemies of Allah. Those who have chosen to sit back will then be left worthless, and their reckoning will neither be delayed nor hastened, for Allah is All-Powerful, and nothing can stop Him from replacing you with another people.

"When one reflects on the current situation of the Ummah he is simply appalled and taken aback with shock. In fact, one is overpowered by grief when he considers the situation of an Ummah which had once led the world, ruled it with grandeur and splendor, filled the enemies' hearts with terror and recorded in the annals of history glory unheard of erstwhile. There was a time in which dignity, respect and sublimity belonged to those who held tightly to the Deen [religion] and followed the Sunnah of the best of the Messengers...

"To add to this, the economic situation also reached an abyss. The entire economic system became interest-based. This usurious system is promoted and controlled by the International Jewry. In the guise of this usurious economic system, the resources of the Muslims have been plundered and their wealth squandered. The Ummah was further afflicted with ideological distortion which struck at its very heart. Man-made laws became in the minds of most people a necessity for their daily lives, or so they supposed.

"Warm ties of friendship with the disbelievers, the Jews, Christians and others became hallmarks of political acumen and diplomatic shrewdness. The suspension of Jihad and its rulings became a common occurrence. Anyone who possessed zeal and a sense of honor for the Deen was fought against, by deception or by outright infringement of rights.

"In the sphere of education... institutions were established to raise an entire generation brainwashed with the dogma of the love of land and narrow nationalism. A secular educational curricula was put in place, as a result of which an entire generation was robbed of its creed and faith, and the spirit of honor and zeal died in the hearts. At the social level, immorality became widespread and noble manners disappeared. Homes were ruined, families torn apart by the poison injected in society by radio, television, cinema, videos and live transmissions.

"At the political level the Ummah was made to suffer at the hands of a clique of tyrant rulers who had been installed by the imperial powers and crafted by them for making possible the occupation of Muslim lands, subjugation of the masses, repression of the honorable allies of Allah and empowerment of Christians and spiteful secularists. These rulers fulfilled their task dutifully. One can go on and on about the resources that have been plundered by them and the wealth that is squandered on fulfilling their desires and personal whims...

"Yes, Islam is ready as ever to bring an end to the degradation of Muslims and cleanse their hearts of humiliation, provided they raise the sword of Jihad, and declare a relentless war which obliterates the enemy... This is a stage which only a select few among men chosen by Allah are able to reach...

"To those who live for the sake of this world but still wish to attain the pleasure of their Lord and His paradise, and want to be among the Helpers of this Deen, I say: deliverance and success can only be attained by adopting the way of the best of the Prophets and Messengers, Muhammad bin Abdullah... It is the way of Jihad in the Way of Allah. Our Prophet (peace be upon him) participated in 28 battles in the Way of Allah, and here you are clinging to the earth, not having fought even a single battle, not having fired even a single bullet... So who will fight the Crusaders, who will fight the Jews, who will liberate the sacred places and who will avenge for the violation of sanctities if every scholar were to stay in his place and not want to come out? No, never! This Deen can never be established except with effort, with Jihad. It can never thrive except with work, with resistance...

"O' scholars, our Islamic Ummah is passing through difficult stages and facing significant dangers in this age. They are waiting for the light of guidance that you possess so that you may guide them through the darkness which has engulfed them in this era. I ask you- in the Name of Allah- don't leave the Ummah at the mercy of violent storms tossing it left and right. Don't leave it at the mercy of the enemy clawing away at it bit by bit. Don't forsake the Ummah in its bewildered state. Don't surrender it to the enemies, the disbelievers and hypocrites, who are goading it around in accordance with their whims and desires...

"O' honorable youth of the Ummah!... working for this Deen and defending its values is a long and difficult journey. Those with a low morale and weak determination fall short of attaining this great objective. This Ummah has been molded by the Quran and the sword, and neither of them can be separated from the other...

"O' Muslims, this then is the condition of our Ummah; an Ummah crippled by its deep wounds. There is no end in sight to its dark gloomy night. Every wound of this Ummah has a story, a tragic tale to narrate; a story whose screams have filled the universe and a tale whose wailing has been recorded by history: killings, forced displacement, violation of sanctities, genocide, body bits blown apart, dead bodies, blood... so where is the determination of men?... O' Muslims! Even if the wounds are many, there is one deep conspicuous wound in front of me which I shall never forget. If the sanctities violated are numerous, I will never forget the sanctities and sacred symbols violated by the Jews and Christians. There are many a places for which tears are shed, but our fundamental cause has hardly anyone who cares for it. So what is this deep bleeding wound, and what are these sanctities and sacred symbols that have been violated? It is a cause which is at the heart of this Deen; rather it is the Deen itself. It is an objective which the Cross has tried to lay its hands upon for centuries, and the Crusades are hardly a distant memory; its details are engraved in the annals of history. It is the mother of all causes; if the mother is lost, the entire family and children are lost... So do you know now what this cause is? It is the criminal occupation of the Land of the Two Sanctuaries (the Arabian Peninsula) and the sanctities of the Muslims.

"The Land of the Two Sanctuaries is caught between two anvils: the apostate rulers on the one hand and the Crusader Alliance on the other. As for the first anvil, it is the system of the apostate Saudi regime represented by Fahd bin Abdul Aziz and his brothers. And as for the second anvil, it is the Crusader Alliance represented by America and the Jews. The situation has been made worse by the misguided scholars and the deceived deluded youth.

"I will begin with the most important element which was planned and implemented systematically and in a professional manner: The Crusader Alliance planted by the tyrants in Muslim lands. When America, the Head of Disbelief, saw how distant the Muslims had become from their Deen and how they had abandoned their principles and stopped venerating the sacred symbols of this Deen, and had started blindly chasing their desires and the fashions in vogue, they started the execution of their plans and implemented its details. They used the Gulf Crisis and its subsequent developments as a pretext to enter the Land of the Two Sanctuaries, and this was after they had grown tired of finding a safe entry to these lands without any fighting. Thus they prepared extensively and took the matter extremely seriously, while the Muslims were still in their deep slumber.

"They armed their soldiers, organized their armies, made a pomp display of their weaponry and entered the land with the open approval and commendation of the entire world. With the support of the apostate regime and the approval of some heedless scholars, they were able to build their military bases and organize secret societies. They established colonies, residential areas, night clubs, bars and theatres. They then began to spread this deadly poison and their decadent thought in the society. They were even able to build synagogues and venerate them. The preaching and distribution of the Torah became common place. Rabbis were brought from abroad and were granted the freedom to move around, attend gatherings and publish their works. On the other hand, life was constrained for the Muslims; imprisonment, arrest and torture was the only fait awaiting them. Thus the American soldier became honorable in the Arabian Peninsula and the Muslim humiliated and worthless.

"O' Muslims, what is happening in Palestine and continues to happen is not so distant from the Land of the Two Sanctuaries. The Crusaders have hatched against Makkah [Mecca] and Madinah a scheme much grander in scale than the one executed for the occupation and Judaization of Palestine. If we abandon this cause, do not wake up from our slumber and do not dedicate to this cause except the little spare time that we have, the Arabian Peninsula itself will become a killing ground of Muslims, just like Palestine. Just how many let down Palestine when the Jews occupied it? Just how many tried to put a lid on the outcry of the reformers and the lamentations of those who had been warning that the Jews and Crusaders have been planning the occupation of Palestine for long...

"O' Allah, You are our Supporter and Helper. With Your help we assault, with Your help we engage the enemy, with Your help we fight, and Allah is Sufficient for us and He is the best of trustees. America! Where shall you escape? The sea is behind you, we are in front of you, and there is no way out! If you accept Islam, you shall be safe and Allah will give you your reward and the reward of those after you, or else just wait for us. With the permission of Allah, we are coming for you to sever your heads, rip apart your bellies and make you fall over yourselves. You will be looking for rescue and there will be no way out. There will be no solution for you except death and then even more death. We have longed for your beautiful lands, for its streams and trees, palaces and lakes. We have resolved to tread upon your lands and embrace the maidens of Paradise on your soil. Your blood is delicious for us and your meat cheap. We are thirsty and nothing shall quench this thirst except your blood; nothing shall satiate our hunger except your meat. There is no stopping of what has been decreed by Allah. Given the fact that you invaded our lands, and we are men possessing loyalty and honor, we have resolved to visit you in your lands and gift you the most expensive of gifts worthy of your stature: coffins followed by coffins, bodies followed by bodies. Receive it until you are content with the gift, and it is a gift which will surely make you most glad..."



[1] Telegram.me/sahabof2, September 11, 2017.