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Apr 03, 2023
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Adel Mansour, Head Of Hizbullah's Financial Arm: U.S. Sanctions Against Me Are A Badge Of Honor – If Satan Is Angry With Me, It Means Allah Is Pleased With Me

#10230 | 01:59
Source: Mayadeen TV (Lebanon)

Adel Mansour, the head of Hizbullah’s financial arm Al-Qard Al-Hassan, said in an April 3, 2023 show on Mayadeen TV (Lebanon) that American sanctions do not affect Hizbullah's institutions, and that he considers the sanctions against him to be a "badge of honor." He elaborated: "If Satan is angry with me, it means Allah is pleased with me." He added that the countries that have sanctioned Al-Qard Al-Hassan are bothered by it because it is influential and supports the backbone of the "resistance".

Interviewer: "The American sanctions have had no effect on you whatsoever?"

Adel Mansour: "They have had no effect on our institution."

Interviewer: "What about the shareholders?"

Mansour: "Look, our institution has no connections abroad or with banks..."

Interviewer: "It's a financial operation..."

Mansour: "Right. We are not exposed to banks abroad, so nothing can affect us. Objectively speaking, some people might be afraid to deposit money with us — especially people who travel or who live abroad. However, we have taken certain measures to protect these people's [funds]."


Interviewer: "At the end of last year, you were placed on the [American] sanctions list..."

Mansour: "Yes, I was awarded this great honor."

Interviewer: "That is how you see it?"

Mansour: "Yes, I consider this to be a badge of honor. If Satan is angry with me, it means Allah is pleased with me."


Interviewer: "The U.S., Israel, and some of the Arab countries in the Gulf have banned 'Al-Qard Al-Hassan,' imposed sanctions on it, or placed it on their terror list, like in the case of the U.S.. Why are they bothered by your organization?"

Mansour: "In my opinion, they are bothered by it because it is a strong, influential association, which takes part in supporting the backbone of the resistance — it is a social environment. We significantly support this environment. When they are fighting the resistance, it is only natural that they would fight its entire surrounding environment, and all the institutions that support this environment."

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