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Nov 01, 2006
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Malaysian Cleric Hussein Ye: The Americans Have No Proof Muslims Were Involved in 9/11; It Is Our Word against Theirs

#1307 | 02:33
Source: Peace TV (UAE)

Following are excerpts from an address by Malaysian cleric Hussain Ye, which aired on Peace TV on November 1, 2006.

Hussain Ye: May Allah help all the mujahideen, especially in Palestine, especially in Iraq, and wherever they are, who fight to protect human rights. What happened in 9/11 nobody really knows. Even the American government, until today, say that they suspect the Muslims are involved. They only suspect. So we can not act on a suspicious statement. We do not know who is behind that. If they want to say it is the Muslims, what can we do? It's their word against our word. In Islam, in the international court you cannot act on suspicion. Anything you do - when you act, must have what is called "hot proof," "hot evidence." But the world is very unjust. Who is unjust? We? No. The Twin Towers is unjust? No. What is unjust is what is happening in Iraq. It's very unjust. What is happening in Palestine is very unjust. So don't worry about the Twin Towers. We have nothing to do with it. The Muslims must not get into an area that you do not know. Do you understand that? I know sometimes you feel... You know who was very happy when the Twin Towers had been attacked? A group of Jews was so happy in America. They were having a party when they heard that the Twin Towers had been burned. They had a celebration, they had a party going on. Why did they do that? We don't know. Who is behind that? Allah knows. That's why even until today, they do not say that Osama Bin Laden... They just use the name, but he is the number one suspect. True or not? This is what the media says. I am not talking on their behalf. This is what the media says. How unjust is this world now. How unjust is this country, which calls itself a superpower. They use their power to oppress other people. What right do they have to attack a country because of what happened to the Twin Towers? And they still have no hot proof.

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