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Dec 17, 2017
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Hamas Leader Mahmoud Al-Zahhar: We Will Not Relinquish a Single Bullet to the PA; When We Liberate Palestine, We Will Shut Down the U.S. Embassy

#6334 | 02:53
Source: Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

Mahmoud Al-Zahhar of the Hamas leadership in Gaza said in an Al-Jazeera TV interview that Hamas "would not relinquish a single gun, not even a single bullet." Asked whether the organization would agree to place its weapons under the Palestinian Authority, he said: "The answer is 'No' - a 'no' as big as planet Earth." With regard to Trump's Jerusalem declaration, he responded: "One of these days, we will liberate Palestine in its entirety, and we will shut down your embassy, and deport all the people of your kind." The interview was broadcast on December 17.


Mahmoud Al-Zahhar: Any Arab country that puts itself in a position where it will be held accountable by Allah for its role in surrendering a single inch of the land of Palestine should prepare itself for the moment when this war ends with the removal of the Israeli entity. What will such a country say to its people? What will it say to its Lord? How will it justify its betrayal of the Quran and the Sunna?




Annihilation will be the fate not only of the Jews, but also of their helpers and of the people who trusted them, cooperated with them, and who betrayed their cause and their religion for personal interests.




Interviewer: Will you ever agree to place the weapons of the resistance under the command of the Palestinian Authority, like in the case of the border crossings, the ministries in Gaza, and so on? Will the weapons of the Islamic resistance, of Hamas, be placed under the direct command of the Palestinian Authority?


Mahmoud Al-Zahhar: The answer is “No” – a “no” as big as planet Earth. Not a single weapon will be handed over. When the [PLO] arrived in our 1994 and formed the PA, they took our weapons. The result was that the settlements expanded throughout the land. But when we managed to regain the weapons in the Gaza Strip, we drove them out of Gaza. We drove the occupation out of Gaza. When we started using these weapons and martyrdom operations in the West Bank, we managed, I believe, to stop the expansion of the settlement activity. But then, the security cooperation between the PA and the Israeli entity thwarted the armed Intifada in the West Bank, and as a result, the settlements expanded to 60% of the area of the West Bank, and the rest is covered by “bypass roads.” So we will not make the same mistake twice. We will not relinquish a single gun, not even a single bullet.




[Trump] says that one of these days, he will move the embassy in Israel to East Jerusalem, or West Jerusalem, or whatever, but we say that one of these days, we will liberate Palestine in its entirety, and we will shut down your embassy, and deport all the people of your kind. You will be disgraced. You will suffer from the future geopolitical circumstances. The Islamic expansion will go beyond what you expect for the benefit of all Mankind, all over the planet. Right now, you are working for the Jews. Trump’s own home is a Jewish home.



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