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Sep 03, 2021
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'Made In America' – Video Aired By Pro-Iran Iraqi Militia TV Channel Purports To illustrate That U.S. Soldiers Orchestrate ISIS Executions

#9070 | 01:23
Source: Etejah TV (Iraq)

Etejah TV, the TV channel of the pro-Iran Iraqi militia Katai'b Hizbullah, aired a video presenting a U.S. soldier directing an ISIS execution video on September 3, 2021. In the video, a man is seen being shot in the head at point blank, and the "director," wearing a U.S. military uniform says in English: "Cut! That [was] very good, man." Then a "Made in America" inscription appears on screen.

Actor (ISIS member): "We say to the apostates and to the traitors that we shall turn the nights of the infidels into days, and their homes into ruins and ashes. We shall make your blood flow in rivers. Today, we shall implement Allah's punishment on this apostate. Woe unto the apostates."

U.S. Soldier: "Cut! That [was] very good, man."

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