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Nov 26, 2013
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London Lecture by Saudi Cleric Muhammad Al-Malki: Polygamy Is the Remedy for AIDS [Archival]

#6933 | 04:58
Source: The Internet - "Brixton Mosque on YouTube"

During a class he taught at the Brixton Mosque in London, Saudi cleric Sheikh Muhammad Al-Malki said that many women, who thought they were being brave and powerful by preventing their husbands from marrying another Muslim woman, have contracted AIDS as a result of illicit relations by their husbands. He stated that the remedy for AIDS is polygamy. Sheikh Al-Malki said that a woman cannot have more than one husband because she is "the container where the seed of the plant of the man is going to be stored." A woman is like a farm, which cannot be used by many different farmers, he added, while the man is like a farmer, who can work on more than one farm. The video of the class, which was titled "One Date Can Be Eaten by Two," was uploaded to Brixton Mosque's YouTube channel on November 26, 2013. Sheikh Al-Malki is a member of the Jeddah Dawah Center in Saudi Arabia.

Following are excerpts:


Sheikh Muhammad Al-Malki: I'm brave to address these things. I'm brave enough. Many wives suffer of… What do we call that illness, disease? That comes out of zinnah [adultery]? It's on the top of my head… AIDS, right. And they were asked: "How come?" And it was found that their husbands had done wrong relations with women who are carrying this disease. So now he came back home, to that woman, who thinks that she is very powerful and brave that she stopped him from marrying a Muslim woman. Now she is suffering from a disease that ends with death. So instead of facing these problems, let us cooperate, and let us give a lesson to whole world, that the remedy to AIDS is not in the hospitals. It's not in the hospitals. It is in polygamy. When a Muslim man marries more than one wife, this will protect him, her, and the community.




Amongst the infidels, who talk about quality, and like this, and the woman has to work like that… they complain of seduction at the workplace, even to the highest level of authority. No one ignores or forgot about Monica Lewinsky. I'm sorry to say this name or these things, but this is to make you wake up and know that we are in a dangerous spot. So we have to protect ourselves. Don't believe these infidels who say: "No, no, no, no." They all have wrong practices and relations.




The woman cannot have more than one husband because she is the container where the seed of the plant of the man is going to be stored. So when too many seeds come there, you cannot know whose is whose. But for a man to marry more than one woman, that is a necessity. It is like a farmer and a plant. A farmer and a farm. We can allow the farmer to go and work in other farms, because he can work in other farms. There is no problem with that.




Man Reading Question from Audience: It is good for us women to be in polygamy. Through it we will learn so much. But how can many of us go into polygamy, when most husbands can barely pay for one family?




Sheikh Muhammad Al-MalkiIt's not only money and spending, no. As I said, we have commitments. We have relations, we have protection to the Muslim men and women. It's not only money, money, money. He cannot spend on two or three different houses… No, he can. He can, because the one date that can be eaten by one still can be eaten by two. But the problem is selfishness. "I want the whole date."

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