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Nov 10, 2016
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London-Based Islamist Preacher Hani Al-Sibai: U.S. Presidents "Were All Trump," America Founded on the Skulls of the Indigenous People

#5756 | 04:27
Source: Online Platforms

London-based Egyptian preacher Hani Al-Sibai said in his Friday sermon that both Trump and Hillary were murderers. Calling Obama a criminal, who "killed more Muslims with drones than George Bush," Al-Sibai said that all U.S. presidents since George Washington were the same: "They are all Trump." According to Al-Sibai, America was established upon the skulls of the indigenous people, and the Americans are inspired by the Old Testament in their global wars. They are "the exterminators of the human race," he said in the sermon, which he delivered on November 11 and posted on his YouTube account on November 12.


Hani Al-Sibai: "People pinned their hopes on Trump winning - or rather, Hillary winning - because some people thought her the lesser evil. But as I've told you, both of them are killers - she would strangle you with a silken rope or kill you with an odorless gas, whereas he would send you to the guillotine or would nuke you. He would kill you in a single strike. That is the difference between them, but they are both murderers. They are both savages. They just use different methods. Remember the Democrats, remember Obama, on whom the gullible Arab rulers of the Gulf pinned their hopes... They financed (Obama), as well as Hillary. What did Obama do? He killed more Muslims with drones than George Bush. Thousands (of Muslims) were killed by UAVs. This is the criminal who buried the Arab Spring revolutions in their infancy. This is the criminal who supported Al-Sisi and the coup in Egypt.






"So if Obama, with his fake smiles, did all this, what do you expect from (Trump), who has a thirst for blood?






"That's America. Why are you surprised, people? That continent, or that gang, was founded upon the skulls of the indigenous people. They used to burn them in the sand dunes... They used to burn a woman alive, rip her belly apart and remove the fetus. They were extremely barbaric. They are the slayers of the human race. They committed genocides. As I've said time and again, you should read the Old Testament. They believe in the Old Testament, people. They believe in the extermination of all their enemies.






"Those drunken, unruly, and backward soldiers and ignorant workers who voted for Trump - how do they act? When they went to Afghanistan and Iraq, they committed atrocities, in Bagram, Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, and elsewhere. Why? Because this is their faith. They are not supposed to spare you. You are nothing to them. They spare your life only so that you may serve them. You are nothing but a slave. That's America for you.






"So don't let them fool you. They say that this is Trump, but they are all Trump, ever since George Washington. Ever since their first founding father and to this day, 45 presidents were all Trump. They were all Truman. Who will Trump emulate? Truman? Truman dropped the nuclear bomb. Will (Trump) do the same? It's no big deal to him. He might do it, like Truman did. Regan almost did it too. George Bush was completely crazy... He occupied two countries at the same time, people. He invaded Afghanistan and destroyed it, and then he invaded... Note that whenever they invade a Muslim country, they strike on a Sunday. Always. The first strikes are always at dawn or at night. This is what they did in Afghanistan and in Iraq. This is what they always do. It is a religious thing for them. But there are more than 56 countries falsely called 'Muslim countries'... Not only do they have nothing to do with Islam, but they even fight Islam... People, Al-Sisi has become a role model for Trump. Can you imagine? That Satan, Trump, lauds his fledgling, Al-Sisi. Why? Because Al-Sisi is fighting Islam."


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