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Jun 24, 2016
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London-Based Islamist Cleric Hani Al-Sibai on Brexit: Why Shed Tears over the EU?! We Have Prayed Daily for Their Dispersal

#5539 | 02:36
Source: The Internet

During a Friday sermon following the U.K.'s EU referendum, London-based Egyptian preacher Hani Al-Sibai said that Brexit, which was spearheaded by a "strange cocktail of racists," has got the Muslims living in Britain scared. "Whenever these people agree on something, it spells big trouble, he said. "At the end of the day, they are all Trumps." Nonetheless, Al-Sibai praised the Brexit vote, saying that the EU is "a means for the occupation, intimidation, and terrorizing of the Muslims" and that Allah has answered the prayers to "disperse them." The sermon was delivered on June 24 and was posted on a YouTube account dedicated to Al-Sibai's sermons and fatwas.


Following are excerpts



Hani Al-Sibai: The Muslims in Britain are afraid, because the people who got the upper hand, and who stood behind Britain's exit from the EU, are racists who hate Islam in particular. The spearhead of those right-wingers supported and called for [Brexit] - like that Nigel Farage and the former Mayor of London... that Boris guy... This strange cocktail of racists got together, and this is what is scaring the Muslims living in Britain. Whenever these people agree on something, it spells big trouble. Picture this: Trump supports them. Trump is the US presidential candidate. All the right-wingers of the world support them.






David Cameron himself is also an anti-Muslim racist, although he manages to balance it somehow. But at the end of the day, they are all Trumps. Some of them conceal it, while others are open about it. That's the only difference.






Why are you shedding tears over the EU?! That EU is a means for the occupation, intimidation, and terrorizing of the Muslims. That EU remained silent and later supported the criminal military coups in the Muslim world. That EU supported all the dictatorships and oppressive rulers in the Muslim world.






Every day, during prayer, we supplicate [Allah] to "disperse them." So why be so angry and upset when their dispersal has begun?!






Our Lord has answered your prayers, oh Muslim. What else bothers you?






Let them leave the EU. Why does it bother you? The EU will weaken. That means that each nation state will retreat into shell. That means that each state will seek its own interests, and will be too busy to... This is the divine secret. They will be too busy to deal with us for a while.





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