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Jul 08, 2022
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London-Based Egyptian YouTuber Ahmad Ismail: The Americans Want To Weaken Islam So They Can Slaughter The Muslims In The Middle East

#9682 | 01:16
Source: Online Platforms - "Bilqast Ya Muslim on YouTube"

London-based Egyptian YouTuber Ahmad Ismail said in a video that was posted to the Bilqat Ya Muslim YouTube channel on July 8, 2022 that America does not want Islam as it is. Rather, he said that America wants to create a "lame" and weak Islam that resembles Christianity, and he argued that this is part of a conspiracy to weaken Muslims so that the Americans can slaughter them in the Middle East.

Ahmad Ismail: "America does not want your Islam. It does not even want Sufi Islam with a political hue. It wants Islam to be ascetic in the full sense of the word. It wants a Christian-Orthodox lame type of Islam. 'Lame' in what sense? 'We are all the sons of Adam,' 'we are all nice,' 'we are all good,' 'we will all enter paradise,' 'you can do whatever you want because the Lord has forgiven you'...


"The end result will be that there is no difference between Islam and Christianity, except for the different names. Then they will sow some more destruction, and when Islamic society becomes completely weak, they will unleash their gangs upon you, and they will come and slaughter you in the heart of Islamic society, which is the Middle East. This is the American conspiracy that they are plotting."

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