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Apr 19, 2013
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Libyan Writer Mojahed Busify: Some European Muslims Collect Social Welfare, Claiming It Is Jizya

#3834 | 02:54
Source: Al-Arabiya Network (Dubai/Saudi Arabia)

Following are excerpts from an interview with Libyan writer Mojahed Bosify, which aired on Al-Arabiya TV, on April 19, 2013:

Mojahed Bosify: The Netherlands protected me, gave me a real opportunity in life, educated me, gave me a home and work, and first and foremost, gave me citizenship. But it also gave me something very important: It taught me self-criticism, and taught me how to be selective about my Libyan heritage, by preserving what I think is good and discarding what I think is non-beneficial.


The best thing that an Arab or Islamic country can do for the Muslim communities in the West, and in the world in general, is to refrain from helping them.

Interviewer: To refrain from helping them?

Mojahed Bosify: That's right. Let these people live their lives in the societies that they themselves chose to live in. Let them live their lives, they do not need your advice. What happens sometimes is almost a comedy: We bring an imam from a small village in some country...

Interviewer: From an Arab or Islamic country...

Mojahed Bosify: Yes. Sometimes from a village, not even a town. We place him in a capital city, such as London or Amsterdam – and this tremendous culture shock is a frequent occurrence... He begins to issue fatwas that destroy the lives of millions of Arabs and Muslims, along with the very image of Islam. Let them live their own lives.

Interviewer: So from where will you get imams?

Mojahed Bosify: There are a million Muslims in the Netherlands.

Interviewerb: They all have work.

Mojahed Bosify: Sixty percent of the Muslims in the Netherlands live off social security.

Interviewer: They are unemployed...

Mojahed Bosify: Many of them consider this to be the jizya poll tax, on the basis of official fatwas.

Interviewer: They consider social security to be the jizya?

Mojahed Bosify: When they go to the ATM or the bank teller, and say: "Convert to Islam or pay the jizya."

Interviewer: They say this to the ATM?

Mojahed Bosify: No, to the bank teller.

Interviewer: And the teller has no idea...

Mojahed Bosify: No, he just says: "Here is your money," and that's the end of it. Today, fewer people behave this way, but some still do.

Interviewer: They live in a fantasy world.

Mojahed Bosify: Yes, this is our culture, which we have exported to the Muslims in Europe.


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