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Mar 01, 2011
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Libyan TV Host Hala Al-Masrati Criticizes Sheik Al-Qaradhawi and Al-Jazeera TV: "These Fatwas Suit the Sexual Desires of the Emir and Sheiks of Qatar"

#2852 | 02:23
Source: Al-Libiya TV (Libya)

Following are excerpts from an address by Libyan TV host Hala Al-Masrati, which aired on Al-Libiya TV on March 1, 2011:

Hala Al-Masrati: [The rebels] are living a great delusion, and they need all the psychiatrists in the world to analyze their personalities and to draw them out of the great delusion they live in. I am a pragmatic person, and I like to talk to use pragmatic terms, but by God, these people are dreamers. One feels as if they are talking from Wonderland and Alice is among them, and she's the one who wrote the scenario for them.


Let's talk about our good sheik again – the sheik of urgent and pressing fatwas, which are meant to serve the interests of the sheiks and emirs of the Gulf and Qatar. Al-Qaradhawi – when this man recently wanted to get married, he married a girl 60 years younger than him.


This man sanctioned the killing of the Leader. I hope that at the end of his days, he will repent for his sins. The Prophet warned us against lying about Islam. He warned us about politicized fatwas, issued for the sake of regimes or governments. But as long as these fatwas suit the sexual desires of the emir and sheiks of Qatar, it is not surprising that Al-Qaradhawi is the sheik that Qatar promotes, giving him the pulpit of Al-Jazeera TV.


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