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Mar 02, 2017
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Libyan Cleric Dr. Wanis Al-Mabrouk: The Shari'a Permits a Muslim to Love a Jew or a Christian

#5952 | 01:33
Source: 4Shbab_TV (Saudi Arabia)

Libyan Sheikh Dr. Wanis Al-Mabrouk, a member of the Board of Trustees of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, said that Islamic law permitted one to love a Jew or a Christian as a friend. "This love pertains to the natural disposition of human beings, as Allah created them," he said, speaking on the Saudi 4 Shbab TV channel on March 3.


Wanis Al-Mabrouk: "Let me ask preachers a direct question: Is it permissible for me to love a Jew or a Christian? I mean love as a friend. Is that permissible or not? I will answer, and I expect an answer from them. My answer is: Yes, according to the shari'a, this is permissible."



Host: "Are you allowed to love a Jew or a Christian?"



Wanis Al-Mabrouk: "Yes, I am. My proof lies in the words that Allah said to His Prophet Muhammad: 'You do not guide (to the right path) whom you love.' According to both hadith compilations, 'whom you love' refers to the Prophet's uncle, who was not a Muslim at all. This love pertains to the natural disposition of human beings, as Allah created them. There is a kind of love that is part of one's natural disposition. There is a kind of love that you could call 'social love.' You love someone because he is kind and courteous with you. I lived for a considerable amount of time in the West. People in the West do not know about the issues we are discussing now. They treat you well. They visit you when you are ill. They may even donate money to you or show solidarity with you. Many Jews used to show solidarity with us in demonstrations. So how can I say that I do not love them?"


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