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Dec 08, 2015
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The Levant Front Jihadi Faction Stages Mock Execution of ISIS Prisoners; Preaches Islam Instead of Killing Them

#5206 | 05:08
Source: The Internet

On December 8, the Levant Front Jihadi faction fighting in Syria released a video showing a mock ISIS-style execution of ISIS prisoners. The prisoners, in orange jump suits, are led in line at gun point, but at the last moment, the executioners remove their ski masks and leave the prisoners to a sheikh, who gives them a lesson in Islam.

Hamza Ghaleb Al-Assaf: "My name is Hamza Ghaleb Al-Assaf. I am 19 years old. I am from the Al-Hamidiyya neighborhood of Deir Al-Zour. I was in Deir Al-Zour, and there was a manpower shortage in Al-Dalha. We were told to go to Al-Dalha in order to fight there. We ran out of ammunition, and the Levant Front captured us."

Idris Al-Khaled: "My name is Idris Al-Khaled. I am 15 years old. I am from Deir Ba'alba, in Homs. I joined the Islamic State, and then our emir, Abu Abdullah Al-Tunisi, came. They placed me in intelligence [as a spy]. I came here, along with some guys and we joined the Free Syrian Army. I planted some mines in Kafra."

Narrator: "Oh Muslim youth, we are not lovers of killing and slaughtering. We do not enjoy fear and terror."

Muhammad Al-Khatib: "It is our duty to place these prisoners on trial and to treat them with justice. To those who were tempted [by ISIS] we offer guidance. To those who strayed from the right path we offer shelter. But those of you who have killed our men will suffer punishment in kind.


"Oh you ISISissies of extremism and darkness, while black masks are your trademark, ours is white clarity. While beheadings are your religion and your hobby, our religion lies in reform and in the strengthening of the faith. We will accept and pardon those of you who repent. To those who strayed from the right path we offer shelter. To those who were tempted [by ISIS] we offer guidance. But those who persist in their wrongdoing in straying from the right path, and in fighting their will see nothing from us but the sword of Ali, and the fulfillment of the legacy of the Prophet Muhammad to kill them as [Allah killed] the nations of 'Aadh."     


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