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May 29, 2015
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Lecture at Al-Aqsa Mosque: The Jews' Use of Children's Blood for Passover Matzos Led to the Holocaust

#4938 | 06:06
Source: The Internet

During a lecture at the Al-Aqsa Mosque on May 29, 2015, Sheik Khaled Al-Maghrabi said that the Jews were expelled from European countries and eventually burned in Germany because they would kidnap and murder children in order to knead their blood into Passover matzos. He further said that the Jews were behind 9/11 and that in their Masonic rites, they would kill their own relatives as a sacrifice to Satan.

Following are excerpts:

Sheik Khaled Al-Maghrabi: What was the most significant thing that the Israelites saw when they were living in Egypt?

What did the Israelites absorb in their life in Egypt? It was the sorcery practiced openly by the Pharaohs and their sorcerers. To this day, the Israelites are enchanted by what the Pharaohs were doing. Take, for example, the one dollar bill. It has a picture of a pyramid with the eye of the Antichrist inside. The Israelites were greatly influenced by Pharaoh's sorcerers in Egypt.


The Israelites have more than one god. They acknowledge the existence of our God, saying that Allah exists, but that He is not the only god. They ranked our God #10. They have lesser gods, ranked #1 to #9, and other gods, stronger than Allah, who are ranked #11 to #34. According to their belief, there are 34 gods. Satan, also called Azazel, is ranked #11.

Throughout history, the number 11 has been sacred to the Jews. The number 666 is also sacred to them. It symbolizes Satan for them. They hold the numbers 11 and 666 sacred. They strive to do all their deeds on the 11th of the month. If it is on 11/11, it's even better. When did the attacks in America take place? On the 11th. Why? Because the Jews were behind them. Everybody knows that. Subsequent evidence proved that the Jews were behind these attacks.


Who owns Hollywood, the American film industry? The Israelites. One of the main themes on which these films focus is the notion of eternal life. Their vampire movies - what are they based on? The idea is that if you kill someone and drink his blood somehow, you will become immortal. Why did Satan get them involved in this? So that they would spill the blood of one another. When one person kills another and drinks his blood, he becomes immortal. They really believe in this notion. The movies that you see in the theater or on TV reflect what goes on in the minds of the Israelites.


Let us consider the Holocaust of the Israelites in Germany, and all the prior problems that they experienced throughout Europe. The Israelites were expelled from all the countries of Europe, and eventually, they were burned in Germany. Ask yourselves why. Why did the Europeans expel them, moving them from one place to the other? It was not only due to (Jewish) corruption. On Passover, every Israelite community would seek a small child and kidnap him. They would bring a barrel pierced by many needles, and would place the little child inside it. That way, the needles would pierce the child's body. At the bottom of the barrel there would be a tap to drain the blood. Why would they collect the blood of the kidnapped child? Because Satan, or one of the other higher gods, said that if they wanted him to fulfill their desires, they would have to eat bread kneaded with children's blood.

So what would they do? On Passover, when they are not allowed to eat regular bread, they make their matzos. They would knead the dough for these matzos with children's blood. When this was discovered, the Israelites were expelled throughout Europe. That was the beginning of the calamity of the Israelites in European countries. It got to the point where they were burned in Germany. It was because of all those things, because of their multiple kidnappings of children.


There were many such cases. But the media keeps mum about it, but they may be found on the Internet. Just google "Bread of the Jews" or "matzos of the Jews," and you will find all the stories with evidence and proof, complete with dates and police files.


Masonic lodges are the sorcery lodges of the Israelites. One of the initiation rites for a new member, or for a member who wants to rise through the ranks, is for him to bring a son, a daughter, a wife, or another relative, to lay him down on a table and slaughter him with his own hands. This is a sacrifice to Satan.


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