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Apr 26, 2021
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Sunni Mufti Of Tripoli Malek Shaar: Lebanon Is Perfectly Capable Of Defending Its Borders Against Israel, It No Longer Needs Hizbullah; Iran Uses Hizbullah To Call The Shots In Lebanon

#8812 | 01:47
Source: The Internet - "Radio Sawt Beirut International (Lebanon)"

Sunni Mufti of Tripoli and North Lebanon Sheikh Malek Shaar said that the Lebanese people have changed their opinion of Hizbullah, and that the Lebanese army is able to defend its borders against Israel. He made these remarks in an interview that aired on Sout Beirut International (Lebanon) on April 26, 2021. Sheikh Shaar said that the resistance has become a pretext for Hizbullah. He added that it is Iran that supplies Hizbullah with money and weapons, and therefore wants to call the shots. It sends Hizbullah to Yemen, Syria, and Bahrain in order to serve the interests of Iran, and it wants to take over the political decision making in Lebanon.

Malek Shaar: "The opinion of the Lebanese is different from what it was in the in the past. Why? Because [Hizbullah's] weapons, ideology, and money has been used for purposes other than the Palestinian cause. The Lebanese trusted [Hizbullah] when it was fighting Israel, even though I am convinced that Lebanon can be defended by its own army and security agencies. Lebanon is capable of defending itself."

Interviewer: "So in your opinion the resistance has become a pretext?"

Shaar: "They started with one thing and ended up with another. There is no doubt about it."

Interviewer: "What is their plan today?"

Shaar: "I believe that their existence is linked to the interests of Iran. Nasrallah has repeatedly stated that their weapons and money come from Iran. Those who provide the weapons and money want to call the shots. They have a certain agenda. Why did [Hizbullah] go to Yemen? Because it is part of the Iranian agenda. Why did [Hizbullah] go to Bahrain and to Syria? This is entirely clear.


"The [Iranians] wish to take over the political decision-making in Lebanon, and force Lebanon to surrender to their views."

Interviewer: "Hasn't Lebanon already submitted to this?"

Shaar: "No, and it never will."

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