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Aug 27, 2021
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Lebanese Prime Minister-Designate Najib Mikati Pleads For Help From The Arab League: Lebanon Is In Existential Danger; We Will Not Allow Iranian Fuel Ships To Unload Their Cargo If This Leads To Further Sanctions On Lebanon

#9060 | 02:24
Source: Al-Arabiya Network (Dubai/Saudi Arabia)

Lebanese Prime Minister-Designate Najib Mikati called on the Arab League to send aid to Lebanon, saying: "Please, do not give up on Lebanon." He made his remarks in an interview that aired on Al-Arabiya Network (Saudi Arabia) on August 27, 2021. Mikati said that Lebanon will always be part of the Arab world, and that if the Arab world wants to help Lebanon prevent further sanctions, it must provide aid to the country. He said that if the Iranian tanker arrives in Lebanon and unloads its cargo in the country, Lebanon will be subject to additional sanctions from the West, and that for this reason, Lebanon cannot allow the ship to unload. Mikati explained that Lebanon is in a dire situation and that Lebanese citizens lack fuel for their cars and their electric generators.

Najib Mikati: "Today, in Lebanon, we must complete the implementation of the Taif Agreement. But this is not my [main] mission. My [main] mission is the people. The people! The people are suffering. They are complaining. The situation is very bad. Every Arab viewer must hear that Lebanon is in danger, an existential danger. We are in a very bad state.


"It is like we are looking for trouble. Regarding the [Iranian] ship — anything that might harm Lebanon, cannot gain the support of anyone. If this ship arrives at Lebanon and unloads its cargo here, it will expose Lebanon to additional sanctions from the West. We will not allow anyone to bring more sanctions upon us. This is one thing.

"My second point regards those who criticize the [issue of the Iranian] ships — I would like to send, from here, a message of love and a call from the heart to the Arab League and to its Secretary General: It's better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

"Please, allow the Arab League to mobilize and aid Lebanon. We are in need of aid. I cannot stand in front of a citizen who has no fuel for his car, or for his electric generator, and tell him: 'No, this is a political stance.' Do you want to prevent further sanctions on Lebanon?

"I am calling on the Arab countries: Please, do not give up on Lebanon. Lebanon will never give up on you. Lebanon will always be part of the Arab world. If I get to form a government, Allah willing, I will establish Lebanon's place within the Arab world. We need the Arabs. We need every Arab country and every Arab citizen. So please, understand this situation."  

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