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Jun 25, 2024
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Lebanese Politician Charles Chidiac: Americans Say Sinwar Is Like Jesus Christ – He Alerted The Americans Of Zionist Control; The Story Of The Holocaust Is A Charade

#11234 | 02:17
Source: Online Platforms - "Lebanon On (YouTube)"

Lebanese politician Charles Chidiac, the head of the Arab Awakening Front, said in an interview with Lebanon On, which was posted on its YouTube channel on June 25, 2024, that people in America have told him that Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar is like Jesus Christ, because he has alerted the American people against Zionist control. He explained that thanks to Sinwar, "there is no Zionism left." Chidiac continued to share an encounter with a man in Atlanta, GA, who supposedly told him that the "story of the Holocaust is a charade." 

Charles Chidiac: "I consider George Washington to be the first terrorist in history. George Washington carried out terrorist operations against the English, in order to drive them out from America.


"People in America told me that Sinwar is like Jesus Christ, because he has altered the American people against Zionism, just like Jesus Christ awakened humanity..."

Interviewer: "Isn't this a bit of a stretch?"

Chidiac: "Brother, there was an American official – I forget his name now – who told me that they are happy that has awakened the American people, against the Zionist control. He told me that Zionism, which controls America and the economy and politics of Europe, has collapsed, and Sinwar is the hero of that collapse. There is no Zionism left.


"Let me tell you something about the story of the Holocaust. I was once at a hotel in Atlanta, Georgia, and I met a guy at the restaurant. He asked me where I was from, and I said I was from Lebanon. He said: 'You have a problem with the Jews.' I said that we had a problem with Zionism, not with the Jews, and that I had many Jewish Lebanese friends. We used to go out to Wadi Abu Jamil and hang out with girls. There are Jews who married Shiites. I have a friend called Thamer Thamer who married a very beautiful Shiite woman. The guy [in Atlanta] said to me: "The story of the Holocaust is a charade. Maybe 200,000 were killed in the Holocaust, and the rest are living here, in America."

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