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Apr 08, 2024
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Lebanese MP Ghada Ayoub: Hizbullah Occupies Christian Lands, Stations Airport, Rocket Launching Pads In Them; If We Don't Remove Hizbullah From The Border With Israel, That Area Will Become A Second Gaza

#11032 | 02:52
Source: LBC (Lebanon)

Lebanese MP Ghada Ayoub slammed Hizbullah in an April 8, 2024 show on LBC TV (Lebanon), saying that it is taking over Christian lands in Lebanon and occupying them. She said that it has even stationed an airport and rocket launching pads in Kfar Houneh. Ayoub said that UN Resolution 1701 must be implemented and the Lebanese army should be deployed on the border with Israel, otherwise the area will be destroyed and become a "second Gaza." She continued to ask what Hizbullah's achievements were from this war, saying that it has not stopped Israel's plan to destroy Gaza and Hamas and it is providing Israel with a pretext to enter Lebanon to fight Iran's proxies. Ghada Ayoub is the incoming MP of the South I constituency for the Lebanese Forces. She is a legal advisor to the Lebanese Atomic Energy Commission at Lebanon's National Scientific Research Center. Ayoub is also an associate professor on the faculty of law and political sciences at the Lebanese University, and the chairperson of the department of public law. She received a PhD in international nuclear law from the University of Montpellier.

Ghada Ayoub: "If there are people who rely on Hizbullah's wisdom – I don't know where this wisdom is. Today, we are on the brink of war, and do not know where it will take us. As for relying on Hizbullah's wisdom with regard to internal affairs – we saw that wisdom on May 7 [2008], and in its raid on Tayouneh (neighborhood of Beirut in 2021). We have seen that 'wisdom' in many cases when Hizbullah decided to turn its weapons and forces against Lebanese. Therefore, I believe that relying on Hizbullah's wisdom is out of place.


"[Hizbullah] is taking over [Christian lands]. They occupy them, This is occupation. There is no legal or other deterrent that can make them leave those lands, or [make] them respect individual property.


"In Jezzine, we have areas that have been occupied by Hizbullah for 30 years."

Interviewer: "What do you mean? The owners are not allowed to enter?"

Ayoub: "They are not allowed in. In Kfar Houneh in particular, there are over 20 million square meters that are owned by the Basilian monastic order, which is directly subordinate to the Vatican. These lands are occupied by Hizbullah. I have approached the government and the security agencies several times, when we heard that there is a [Hizbullah] airport in Kfar Houneh, as well as military bases and rocket-launching pads.



"We must implement UN Resolution 1701. We want to go back to the UN resolutions and to the Lebanese constitution, and deploy the Lebanese army at the border. Otherwise, where are we heading, Bassam? Our entire border area will be destroyed. It will become like a second Gaza. Will Hizbullah be happy then and withdraw from there?


"This war of supporting Gaza and preoccupying [Israel] has been going on for six months. Are we allowed to ask what the positive results of this war are? There are approximately 300 [Lebanese] casualties, and the media does not show the scope of the destruction in south Lebanon. There are over 100,000 displaced people. The Lebanese economy has taken a hit.


"Where are we heading? What has this war achieved? Has it stopped the Israeli plan to destroy Gaza and eradicate Hamas? No. Has it prevented [Israel] from entering Rafah? No. Has it prevented them from entering Lebanon? On the contrary. It gave them a pretext to attack Lebanon in order to deliver messages to Iran and its proxies in the region."

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