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Jun 13, 2024
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Lebanese MP Camille Dory Chamoun Threatens Hizbullah: We Have Soldiers, We Have An Army; At Zero Hour, We Can Mobilize 20,000 Fighters

#11178 | 03:23
Source: Online Platforms - "Lebanon On (YouTube)"

Lebanese MP Camille Dory Chamoun said in a June 13 2024 interview with Al-Mashhad TV (UAE) that 75% of the Lebanese people oppose Hizbullah and that they can mobilize 20,000 soldiers to fight it if necessary. He said that if Hizbullah wants to reach a solution through negotiations, it would be "fine," but otherwise, if they want to partition Lebanon, Hizbullah’s opponents have the necessary weapons and soldiers to do so. Chamoun said that the Sunnis, the Druze, and the Christians will unite for this purpose. He added that Iran should pay the price of the war in south Lebanon, because it made the decision to wage it.

Dory Chamoun: "The decision to launch a war against Israel from our southern border was made by Hizbullah- or maybe I should call them Hezb-Iran because I don't think Allah wants to have anything to do with this country...

"The Lebanese state cannot pay for all the damage that was caused, and in addition, the people who made the decision to start this war should bear the full responsibility for it. I am talking about the Islamic Republic of Iran, which is behind Hizbullah and everything that is happening, in south Lebanon and obviously, in the Gaza Strip.

"[I say to Hizbullah:] You need to understand that 75 % of the Lebanese people oppose your existence, your weapons, your attitude towards the Lebanese state, and the wars you embroil us in. You are serving Iran's interests while we are serving the interests of Lebanon. This is the reality and we are not going to give up. If you want to negotiate- fine. If you want to split the country, go ahead. We have no problem with that. We are more ready than you [for partition]. We have weapons, we have soldiers. We have everything that is necessary [for partition]. Furthermore, we represent over 75% of the country..."

Interviewer: "Hold on a second. You have weapons and soldiers? This is a serious statement. You are armed. You have an army?"

Chamoun: "Indeed, it is serious. It is serious and they should take this into consideration. They know full well that at the zero hour, we can send 20,000 fighters to the streets, apart from the Lebanese army that will be split in two again, like in 1975."

Interviewer: "From where will you get 20,000 fighters?"

Chamoun: "The Sunnis, the Druze, and the Christians will join ranks."

Interviewer: "From where will you get 20,000 fighters?"

Chamoun: "They exist."

Interviewer: "Where?"

Chamoun: "In their homes. A smart strategist always prepares a fallback line. If [Hizbullah] do not know their fallback line, they have learned nothing in politics and military practices."

Interviewer: "I think that this statement indicates that you have learned nothing in politics and military practices. You are declaring war [on Hizbullah]. You are criticizing the illegal weapons of someone else, but say you have 20,000 armed men, ready to storm the streets when the zero hour comes..."

Chamoun: "If [Hizbullah] attacks our areas, I am 100 % certain that..."

Interviewer: Who do you rely upon? Dr. [Samir] Geagea?"

Chamoun: "We are relying on ourselves, and I know that Dr. Geagea is also fully ready. We are all ready. We do not have rockets that threaten Tel Aviv and beyond, but we have personal weapons, like we always have had, and like others have."

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