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Apr 25, 2023
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Lebanese Minister Of Social Affairs Hector Hajjar: It Is In Europe's Interest To Ensure The Security Of Lebanon; Otherwise The Syrian Refugees Here Will 'Go Swimming' To Europe

#10265 | 00:55
Source: OTV (Lebanon)

Lebanese Minister of Social Affairs Hector Hajjar said in an April 25, 2023 show on OTV (Lebanon) that the international organizations should support maintaining the security of Lebanon. He said that he has “some advice for the United Nations Human Rights Council,” and he explained that if the security in Lebanon is “disrupted,” then the Syrian refugees who refuse to return to Syria because of security concerns would “go swimming” to Europe.

Hector Hajjar: "Security here should be supported by the international organizations – for the sale of Lebanon and for the sake of the displaced [Syrians]. I have some advice for the UNHCR and the embassies of all the countries. Why are these Syrians in Lebanon today? Because there is security here. If this security is disrupted..."

Interviewer: "Where would they go?"

Hajjar: "I refer this question to the [Europeans]. It is in Europe's best national interest that there will be security in Lebanon. Otherwise – and according to their claim that there is no security in Syria and they cannot go back there... Where would they go, if there is no security in Lebanon? They will go swimming [to Europe]."

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