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Oct 25, 2021
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Lebanese Minister Of Information George Kurdahi, Before Assuming Office: I Support A 'Temporary' Military Coup In Lebanon; Houthis In Yemen Are Defending Their Land Against Saudi, UAE Aggression

#9152 | 02:44
Source: Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

Lebanese Minister of Information George Kurdahi said that he supports a "temporary" military coup in Lebanon, in order to "defend people's rights." He made his remarks in an Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar) show that was recorded on August 5, 2021, before he was appointed to his current position, and was posted on Al-Jazeera's online platforms on October 25, 2021. Kurdahi said that the Houthis in Yemen are defending their land against foreign aggression by Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Kurdahi said that the war in Yemen is "futile" and that it must end.

George Kurdahi: "I wish there would be a military coup [in Lebanon], but a temporary one, in order to reorganize political life in Lebanon..."

Panelist: "There is no such thing as a temporary military coup..."

Kurdahi: "Hold on... Just one moment. Temporary means that the rule would be returned... A coup for at least five years in order to defend people's rights."


Panelist: "You said that Hizbullah makes sacrifices for the sake of Lebanon. But what do you think of what the Houthis are doing? Are they not doing the same thing? Are they not a military organization defending its land?"

Kurdahi: "Yes, they are defending their land. Of course. But how is this connected?"

Panelist: "It's the same thing. They are Yemenis who are defending their land, by means of an armed organization, and there is a war. How do you view what is happening in Yemen?"

Kurdahi: "It's self defense. The Houthis are defending themselves, aren't they? Have they attacked anyone?"

Panelist: "In your view, what the Houthis are doing in Yemen..."

Kurdahi: "I believe that this war in Yemen is futile and must stop.

Host: "Excuse me, but they are sending drones to attack Saudi Arabia..."

Kurdahi: "Yes, but also look at the damage done to them, as people. They are bombarded in their homes, their villages, their funerals, and their weddings. They are bombarded by planes. The time has come for this war to end. It has become futile. That's my view. But we cannot compare Hizbullah's efforts to liberate the Lebanese land with the efforts of the Houthis, who are defending themselves against foreign aggression."

Host: "What Saudi Arabia and the UAE are doing in Yemen is considered foreign aggression?"

Kurdahi: "Pardon?"

Host: "Do you consider this to be foreign aggression against Yemen?"

Kurdahi: "Of course there is an aggression. Of course. It's not because this is Saudi Arabia or the UAE, but there is an aggression that has lasted for what? 5-6 years?"

Panelist: "More like eight."

Kurdahi: "It has been going on against these people for eight years. Enough. You won't be able to do in 8 years what you could not do in two or three. It has become a futile war. That's my opinion."

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