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Jan 03, 2024
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Lebanese Pro-Federalism Activist Alfred Riachi: Hamas Leaders Should Be Expelled From Lebanon; Why Are They Here? They Are Jeopardizing Lebanon's Security And Citizens

#10787 | 02:33
Source: Online Platforms - "Lebanon On (YouTube)"

Lebanese lobbyist Alfred Riachi, Secretary General of the Continual Federal Congress, said in a January 3, 2024 interview with Lebanon On (YouTube) that he denounces any military or intelligence operation that violates Lebanon's sovereignty. When the interviewer asked him about a tweet by the general coordinator of his organization, calling to expel Hamas leaders from Lebanon, he said that he does not understand what "these people" are doing in Lebanon. Riachi continued to say that their presence in Lebanon jeopardizes Lebanon's security and its citizens.

Interviewer: "The general coordinator [of your organization] Racha Itani demanded in a [tweet] to expel the leaders of Hamas from Lebanon. Do you support this demand?"

Alfred Riachi: "We denounce any military or intelligence operation that violates Lebanon's sovereignty. The sovereignty of the Lebanese state has been violated by several parties, not just by Israel. At the same time, however, I do not understand what these people are doing here. We have had enough suffering, enough of our collapsed economy, enough troubles, and enough victims. Their presence here jeopardizes Lebanon's security and citizens.

"Of course, I approve of what Racha Itani wrote. She has my full support. I have noticed that some people in Lebanon exert pressure on leaders to denounce what she wrote, but I have also noticed that many people support her, especially in Beirut and among her family."

Interviewer: "Do you think such a thing can happen?"

Riachi: "That they leave? Well, the Lebanese government should play a role. This government is never there when something important is happening, and I don't know what's the point of having a government."

Interviewer: "Why should only they leave? Maybe there are other people who..."

Riachi: "Them and others. It doesn't have to be just them – any individual who poses military or economic danger to Lebanon. These people are foreigners, and they have a negative effect on us. We do not have to pay a price for others. If anyone wants to pay a price, he should go and fight with them there, and help them directly. We have had enough suffering. We cannot bear any more. We have tolerated this more than enough, and have paid a huge price. If they want to go [to fight], they are more than welcome. If they have a place set up for them... Or they can be secured one, elsewhere, because we are no longer willing to pay for the damage, and we are not willing for a single person to get wounded for people who have made their choices and should be responsible for their actions. When they are out of our land, they can do whatever they want."

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