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Mar 16, 2024
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Lebanese Journalist Ziad Njeim: The Jews And The Zionist Lobby Control The Media, Economy, Industry, Resources In America And All Over The World; They Have Infiltrated The White House, Congress, Hollywood

#10973 | 02:42
Source: Al-Mashhad TV (UAE)

Lebanese journalist Ziad Njeim said on his March 16, 2024 show on Al-Mashhad TV (UAE) that Jews and the "Zionist lobby" control the media in America and all over the world. He said that they control American decision-making and that they have infiltrated the White House, State Department, Congress, and the cabinet. Njeim added that the Jews control the world's economy, industry, and resources. He said that they have "taken control of Hollywood."

Ziad Njeim: "In America and the rest of the world, the Jews and the Zionist lobby have an almost complete control over the media and administration systems. Here, I would like to mention the words of Jewish rabbi Jeshurun, in 1869. In a speech at the European city of Prague, he said: 'If gold is our first means to control the world, the press should become our second means.' In fact, it is no secret the main media outlets in the world have fallen under an almost complete Jewish control.


"Also, it is well known that the Jews have infiltrated the U.S. government – the White House, the State Department, the cabinet, and the U.S. Congress.

"The control of the main Jewish organizations over political decision-making in America must not be taken lightly – organizations such as AIPAC, Conference of Presidents, JCPA, WJC, and AJC. In conclusion, let me ask: 'What the Jews want?' The Jews want to control the world.


"They are present in all the junctions of decision-making: in commerce, in the economy, in stock markets, industry, mineral resources, global stock exchanges, medicine, media, research, and in the corridors of world politics. They have their hand on everything and they do what they want, with insolence audacity, and arrogance. Even cinema, art, and music were not spared from their control. They have taken control of Hollywood, its directors, producers, and screenwriters. Indeed, they control the world."  

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