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Jul 24, 2021
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Lebanese Journalist Tony Abi Najem: Lebanon Is Facing Iranian Occupation; Hizbullah Is Not A 'Lebanese Rival,' It Is Part Of The IRGC And Has Destroyed Lebanon

#9002 | 01:05
Source: MTV (Lebanon)

Tony Abi Najem, Editor-in-Chief of imlebanon.org said that Lebanon is facing an Iranian occupation and that Hizbullah is not a "Lebanese rival," rather it is part of the IRGC. He made these remarks in an interview that aired on MTV (Lebanon) on July 24, 2021. Abi Najem continued to say that once Lebanon served as the hospital, bank, and university of the East, but Hizbullah has destroyed Lebanon, and the Lebanese hospitals have been forced to shut down because they have no fuel and university professors have been forced to emigrate from the country.

Tony Abi Najem: "We used to have Patriarch Sfeir, but today, we don't have anyone who can unite us, I'm sad to say. We are not facing a rival, rather, we are facing an Iranian occupation. Hizbullah is not a Lebanese rival. It is part of the IRGC. It is occupying Lebanon, and it has a comprehensive plan that we should all discuss.

"There used to be a triangle that represented Lebanon's economic and cultural identity. Lebanon used to be the hospital of the East, the university of the East, the school of the East, and the bank of the East.

"Hizbullah has destroyed everything. We no longer have hospitals. Our hospitals are being shut down because they have no fuel. All the university professors emigrate from this country."

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