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Sep 11, 2022
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Lebanese Journalist Hosein Mortada: The Lebanese Will Not Agree To The Dangerous "Changes" In UNIFIL's Mandates; I Hope This Will Not Lead To A Confrontation With The People Of South Lebanon

#9827 | 01:46
Source: NBN TV (Lebanon)

Lebanese journalist Hosein Mortada said in a September 11, 2022 show on NBN TV (Lebanon) that there have been "dangerous" changes to UNIFIL's mandate. He said that the commanders of the Lebanese army are upset about these supposed changes, and he added that the Lebanese people will not agree to this. Mortada added that he hopes UNIFIL will not become involved in confrontations with the people of South Lebanon.

Hosein Mortada: "The commanders of the [Lebanese] army are very upset about these changes [to the UNIFIL mandate]. Will the army commanders agree that the UNIFIL forces... See how dangerous these changes are. UNIFIL forces are allowed to send patrols without informing the Lebanese army.

"They are allowed to enter any Lebanese village, town, or city, without notifying the Lebanese army. They are allowed to go after any individual without notifying the Lebanese army. They are allowed to hold surveillance and wiretap the communications of any individual or group, without notifying the Lebanese army. They are allowed to set up random checkpoints, in its area of operation in south Lebanon, without notifying the Lebanese army. What is the meaning of all this?"

Interviewer: "Can Lebanon stop this?"

Mortada: "Of course. Forget about diplomacy."

Interviewer: "Clearly, UNIFL will not enter a confrontation. If there is no agreement with the Lebanese army.. UNIFIL will not enter a confrontation."

Mortada: "The message delivered by the UNIFIL commanders is that they do not want to clash with anyone. But I am telling them — and I believe they hear us — that the Lebanese, and especially the people of South Lebanon, will not agree to this. I hope nobody gets the UNIFIL forces into trouble, and a confrontation with the people of the villages and towns in the south."

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