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Mar 20, 2021
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Lebanese Journalist Hassan Hamade: Rothschilds Monopolize World Drug Trade, U.S. Leaders, Banks, And Federal Reserve Benefit From Afghan Opium Revenues

#8760 | 01:57
Source: NBN TV (Lebanon)

Lebanese journalist Hassan Hamade said that after the American invasion of Afghanistan, the opium industry in the country experienced a boom that reached close to 200 billion dollars, but only five billion dollars went to the Afghan treasury and chieftains, while the rest of the 200 million dollars in revenues went "to the leaders of the United States, to the banks, to the Federal Reserve, and so on." He also said that the Rothschild family has a monopoly of the drug trade in the world. Hamade made his remarks in a show that aired on NBN TV (Lebanon) on March 20, 2021.

Hassan Hamade: "When the Americans entered [Afghanistan], the opium fields began to expand. They kept expanding and in 2007... From 10,000 hectares, they reached 194,000 hectares [~750 square miles]. Is this clear?"

Interviewer: "It is."

Hamade: "Their annual revenues exceeded... This is what I wanted to tell you. This is in a country like Afghanistan where the people die of hunger. The annual revenues of the opium export from Afghanistan exceeded $200 billion. However, no more that $5 billion went to the Afghan treasury and to the chieftains. All the rest went to the United States. All the rest went to the leaders of the United States, to the banks, to the Federal Reserve, and so on, especially since... Who has a monopoly on the drug trade in the world?"

Interviewer: "The United States?"

Hamade: "No."

Interviewer: "Who then?"

Hamade: "It's not the U.S. Absolutely not. It's the Rothschilds. The Rockefellers have lorded over the oil industry..."

Interviewer: "Okay, and the Rothschilds?"

Hamade: "They have lorded over the drug trade."

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