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Jun 24, 2024
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Lebanese TV Host Dima Sadek: There Is Nothing Left Of This Country Besides Hizbullah And Its Weapons; They Are Holding Us Hostage; We Are Like The Passengers On A Hijacked Plane On 9/11, Heading Towards Certain Death

#11208 | 02:45
Source: MTV (Lebanon)

Lebanese TV host Dima Sadek said on her June 24, 2024 show on MTV (Lebanon) that there is nothing left from Lebanon except for Hizbullah and its weapons. She said that Israel has threatened to destroy Lebanon's electric infrastructure, but it has no electric infrastructure. Sadek denounced Hizbullah for threatening Cyprus, a European Union country, saying it cannot withstand fighting against the European Union. She continued to say that the Lebanese people are like the passengers of the hijacked airplanes on 9/11 heading for certain death. Sadek said: "We are being held hostage. We have been hijacked."

Dima Sadek: "There is nothing left of this country except for Hizbullah. We are in a position that our enemy, Israel, is threatening us: 'If Hizbullah attacks our electricity system in Israel, we will retaliate against the Lebanese electricity infrastructure.' Only then did Israel realize that there is no electricity in Lebanon.

"We are in a position where the President of Cyprus sends a complaint to our president, only to find out that Lebanon has no president. Nothing is left of this country – nothing, nobody – except for Hizbullah and its weapons.


"Hassan Nasrallah has made serious military threats against a country that is a member of the European Union – Cyprus.


"Hizbullah which got us into a war where all scenarios are possible, with a beast called Israel, is now throwing us into a conflict which might lead to all kinds of scenarios – hellish scenarios in a conflict with the European Union.


"Do you even realize what you're doing? Are you capable of going into war with the EU? Do you think the EU is like Iraq and Yemen? You in Hizbullah and Iran could not save Al-Assad.


"Putin was the only one who managed to save Al-Assad, because he is stronger than you, Iran, and your entire axis.


"The same Putin does not know how to save himself from what the EU has been doing to him the past two years. He has been drowning in the Ukrainian swamp for two years, and does not know how to save himself.


"Putin, who was the only one who managed to save your axis in the Syrian war, cannot overcome Europe, so how come you are threatening Europe with such confidence?


"We are in danger of a hellish, existential war. We are being held hostage. We have been hijacked by a group that has no clue of what is going on in this planet.

"We are living with a group of people who do not know how the world order works, how the world's economy and technology work. Worse still, they do not know anything about the world's balance of military power.


"Do you know who we resemble? The passengers on the 9/11 airplanes. We are like airplane passengers who do not see what is happening around them. We are being led by one person, and we have no idea where we are heading.

"The only thing that we know for sure is that this person is taking us to a catastrophe and certain death."

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