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Mar 09, 2024
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Lebanese Journalist Abdul Ghani Tlais: Benjamin Franklin Warned The Americans Against Jewish Immigration, Jews Were Banished From France, Italy, Germany; The West Collected All That 'Garbage' And Dumped It On The Arabs

#10958 | 01:32
Source: LBC (Lebanon)

Lebanese journalist Abdul Ghani Tlais said, in a March 9, 2024 interview on LBC TV (Lebanon), that Western countries that support Israel now collected all their "garbage" and "dumped" it on the Arabs. Referencing a false antisemitic trope, he said that Benjamin Franklin, whom he called an American "president," had warned Americans in the 18th century against Jewish immigration. He said that France banished the Jews for practicing usury, and that Italy and Germany banished the Jews as well.

Abdul Ghani Tlais: "There was an American president called Benjamin Franklin. In 1780. What did he say? 'Oh, people of America, your children and grandchildren will curse you when you are in your graves, if you do not stop Jewish immigration to America. You will become this, you will become that. The [Jews] will do to you what they did in Europe. He delivered one of the most important speeches. This speech has disappeared. No one knows where it is today.

"In 1350, the Jews were banished from France. [Historical] research says so, not me. They were banished from France for 300 years, because they were practicing usury, and took control of the economy until they toppled the regime. So they were banished. When they got back, they were banished from Italy, and then they were banished from Germany. From each country, they were banished for 200-300 years. Do you really think they were banished because of their Zionism?

Interviewer: "All the countries you mention are supporting them now."

Tlais: "They collected all this garbage, and they knew that if they kept that garbage, it would stink, so they dumped it on the Arabs. That's it."

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