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Oct 09, 2020
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Lebanese Politician May Khreich, VP Of Aoun's Free Patriotic Movement: I Would Choose Iran Over Saudi Arabia – People There Enjoy Greater Freedom And I Love Carpet Weaving

#8356 | 03:58
Source: Online Platforms - "Sawt Beirut Radio "

Lebanese politician May Khreich, the VP of the Free Patriotic Movement, said in an October 9, 2020 interview on Sawt Beirut Radio (Lebanon) that if she must choose between Saudi Arabia and Iran, she would prefer Iran. Khreich said that it was unfair to ask her to choose between her Sunni and Shi'ite compatriots, but that she would choose Iran because she is told that people there enjoy greater freedom. When the host pointed that Saudi Arabia had provided Lebanon with aid and support, Khreich replied that she loves carpet weaving and that it teaches patience. Khreich's remarks caused a stir on social media.

Interviewer: "The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or the Islamic Republic of Iran?

May Khreich: "Do I have to choose?"

Interviewer: "That's the rule."

Khreich: "This is an awkward question..."

Interviewer: "This is the name of our show."

Khreich: "Right. I forgot... I choose... I'll tell you why. I have experience and people tell me things. I haven't visited these two countries, but you are asking me in the political sense, right?"

Interviewer: "It's a political question, not a touristic question..."

Khreich: "For sure... Politically speaking... Well... I choose Iran."

Interviewer: "Iran. Really?"

Khreich: "Yes. If you are asking me which of these two countries I choose, then yes, I choose Iran but not from the political aspect as much as from another aspect... First of all, I haven't visited Iran, but many of my friends have..."

Interviewer: "Between the Sunnis and the Shi'ites, you choose Iran?"

Khreich: "You don't have the right to make me choose between the Sunnis and the Shi'ites. I support both the Sunnis and the Shi'ites, because they are both my compatriots..."

Interviewer: "So from what aspect are you making this choice?"

Khreich: "I base my choice on Iran being..."

Interviewer: "Saudi Arabia has a record of providing aid and of supporting Lebanon. Perhaps recently, there have been some political skirmishes but not with the State of Lebanon, but with parties within the state..."

Khreich: "I am not choosing between such big countries..."

Interviewer: "In Saudi Arabia there is a community of 100,000-200,000 Lebanese..."

Khreich: "No, Tony..."

Interviewer: "These people are making a living in Saudi Arabia..."

Khreich: "True, true. I am not saying who is helping Lebanon and who isn't. I am making this choice form another, more social, perspective. I am told that people in Iran have greater freedom..."

Interviewer: "But Saudi Arabia has become like Beirut. They have music festivals..."

Khreich: "Now, they have..."

Interviewer: "Okay, I am asking you now."

Khreich: "It has just happened. We still don't know how long this will last."

Interviewer: "So your choice..."

Khreich: "I'll say it again. My choice..."

Interviewer: "The [Hizbullah-Aoun] Mar Mikhael Understandings..."

Khreich: "It's not about that. Iran is a country... Historically, Iran... Put aside the Islamic Revolution..."

Interviewer: "How can you ignore the Islamic Revolution? You cannot talk about Iran of the Shah or even before, and not about Iran after the Shah..."

Khreich: "True."

Interviewer: "Today, the choice has changed. People who choose Iran..."

Khreich: "I love carpet weaving."

Interviewer: "So that's the only reason?"

Khreich: "Yes. It is very important, and it teaches you to be patient. I love carpet weaving. I'm not kidding.

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