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Apr 16, 2020
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Lebanese Cleric Muhammad Abu Al-Qat' Naqshbandi: Coronavirus is a Soldier of Allah; TV Host: It Is Divine Retribution Against the West’s Use of "Human Rights" to Torment the Islamic Nation

#7957 | 03:41
Source: Mayadeen TV (Lebanon)

In an interview with Mayadeen TV (Lebanon), on April 16, 2020, Lebanese cleric Muhammad Abu Al-Qat' Naqshbandi said that thanks to the coronavirus men and women can no longer greet each other with a handshake. The host of the show interjected, saying that the virus has caused "all the casinos and whorehouses" to shut down and the oppressive countries to be destroyed. Naqshabandi said the virus is a soldier of Allah and the reason for this is that "when Allah wants to kill, he kills." The show's host added that America that "used to issue orders to the world" cannot find any facemasks and must "steal them from Chinese planes." He added that the Europeans, who have "tormented" the Muslims with the Universal Declaration of Rights and "deemed the rights of dogs to be superior to the rights of Muslims", are now suffering (due to the virus).


Muhammad Abu Al-Qat' Naqshbandi: "The Prophet Muhammad said: 'I do not shake hands with women.' Against their will, women are now distancing themselves from men and no one puts his hand in the hand of a woman."


Host: "A man cannot greet his son or daughter anymore."


Naqshbandi: "Even men can no longer greet one another and women cannot greet each other."


Host: "In this sense, this virus has shut down the casinos and whorehouses, and has completely destroyed oppressive countries."


Naqshbandi: "The Lord said: 'And none knows the soldiers of your Lord except Him.' Would the commander of an army share his plan with his soldiers? No! He would share with his officers what they need to know and would keep to himself the secrets of the battle on the ground. Their duty is to hear and obey. 'And none knows the soldiers of your Lord except Him.' In the Battle of Badr, the soldiers were angels. In the Battle of the Trench, the soldier was the wind. In the Battle of Hunayn, the soldier was the dirt [hurled by the Prophet at his enemies' faces]. On the day of the hijrah, the soldier was sleep. Allah made them sleep. Also during the hijrah, the soldiers took the form of cobwebs. All of these were soldiers. Now, Allah's soldier takes the form of the so-called 'coronavirus.' Why? When Allah wants to kill, he kills. Allah kills! You think I am talking nonsense? Read the word of Allah: 'And you did not kill them, but it was Allah who killed them.'"




Host: "America, the country that used to issue orders to the world – punishing people, denying people their livelihood, robbing the Muslims of their money – cannot find facemasks all of a sudden. It has to steal them from Chinese planes. The European countries, which have strutted around, acted with tyranny, tormented the Muslims with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and deemed the rights of dogs to be superior to the rights of Muslims, are now suffering, and the flag of the European Union is being torn to pieces. We are witnessing the Major Signs of Judgment Day, Sheikh."




Naqshbandi: "They sit in the Black House – not the White House – and they rule us by means of conferences that are nothing but conspiracies against this nation. These conferences are nothing but conspiracies against us. Who told you that Allah is asleep?"




"'They plot and Allah plots... Allah has plotted by means of the coronavirus…"


Host: "Right. Well said. Well said."  


Naqshbandi: "Allah's plot came in the form of the coronavirus. 'They plot and Allah plots, and Allah is the best of plotters.'"

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